Aryan “aryanstark” Chaudhary ships BSS 15L on


Yet another exciting Sunday concluded on and it was Delhi-based Aryan Chaudhary who enjoyed the spoils of the BSS 15L GTD event. Cruising through a field of 160, Aryan enjoyed a great run in the event, entering the final table as chip-leader, and closing with a score of INR 3,03,750.

Team IPN managed to catch up with the youngster, who has taken to the felts in recent times and created quite the stir.

Hi Aryan, congratulations on the win! Could you tell us a little about yourself and your poker journey so far?

Thanks! Hey guys, I’m Aryan Chaudhary and I’m 25 years old. I’ve been playing poker since the past 6 years. After attending PSL last year I got the opportunity to play and learn against some of the best minds and that motivated me even more to take this up professionally and play with proper management to move forward. I’ve worked on my game constantly and enjoy every bit of it!

How was your experience in the BSS event?

I was completely in the zone throughout the tournament which I believe is extremely important, and was running deep in both the BSS 15l & BSS 5l but got unlucky in the 5l and min-cashed. After that I was completely focusing on this one. I entered the final table as chip leader and kept finding the right spots to put pressure. The most crucial hand imo was when 6 were left, we opened UTG with AQ of hearts and “chandlerbing” who was second in chips 3bet from the BB and we peeled, the flop came 384 with 2 hearts, he bet 3/4 pot and we jammed and made the flush on the river against his QQ. After that I knew the tournament was mine to lose as I had around 70% of chips in play.

What are your views on the poker boom that the country is currently witnessing?

The poker scene has seen a massive boom and as a poker player I’m extremely excited for what the future holds. Big names like Vishwanathan Anand and Vijender Singh coming on board to promote poker  has basically proved that the whole society will soon recognize it as a sport with such respectable people as the flag-bearers.

True! What are your plans for the year?

I’m planning to move to Goa very soon and grind out as many online tourneys as I can in a city that I love.

Any feedback for the Team at

The structures of tournaments on PokerBaazi are just gold in my opinion. Kudos to the team and thanks for the last man standing!

Congrats again Aryan! Any parting words?

Aryan signing off with the stark house’s words, “winter is coming”.

Thanks for your time and all the best for the coming year!