New-Age Champion: Devang Yadav


In conversation with, MTT Specialist Devang Yadav is now an upcoming tourney crusher and has won two titles on the domestic circuit – The Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) Online High Roller for ₹12.6 Lakhs and the BPT MegaStack for ₹12.65 lakhs. Yadav started playing poker in college and now considers online games to be his bread and butter.

In order to be the best poker player on the felts,  Yadav learns how to stay humble, have self control, discipline, a learning attitude with every game. He advises newbies to maintain discipline and patience as the two best virtues amongst other quality traits in a player.

Hi! Congratulations on the BPT and BPTO win. How does it feel to win two LIVE titles in a week?

It was amazing. I’ve had successive ships before but this felt special. Two live events in a single series. I was on a roll. Playing with confidence – running well too ofc.

Please tell us how did you pick up poker as a career?

I started playing poker in college. A couple of my friends introduced me to this game which our seniors use to play.  We started playing a ₹10 buy-in amongst ourselves and soon got hooked onto it. Started playing online – had success and soon thought of taking it up as profession. There were many roadblocks – family, perceived image of poker in our society, building a stable bankroll etc but in the end it all fell into place for me.

Could you tell us about your poker playing in the early days, what did you learn initially, the mistakes you used to make, etc.?

Back in my 4th year at IIT, I was watching and playing 50/100 cash games online. It was a learning phase for me for as much I wanted to make profits. I started exploring the useful (free) content on YouTube, watching poker after dark cash games, WSOP deep runs, discussing spots amongst peers and play. 

What is your game mix like?

Online games have been my bread and butter. I try to mix in some live games whenever I can. Mostly the many tournament series we have in goa. I play only NLH but in fairness have tried PLO out of curiosity. 

What is it that made you a better player?

The ever increasing drive to get better at what you do – the mamba mentality. I want to be the best player when I sit at any table – that is the goal. In order to achieve it I’ve to stay humble, have self control, disciplined, and a learning attitude. And ofc learning from your own mistakes.

Who are your role models in the poker fraternity and otherwise?

A few people I look upto with a poker standpoint are Bencb, Parker Talbot and Stephen Chidwick. Elsewise Kobe Bryant, Cristiano Ronaldo and my mother are the few others whom i derive my inspiration from.

How does your family feel about this career choice?

Well my father was/still is prolly against it. My mother on the other hand after getting to know about it a tad better and watching me play is okay with it till i am sure about what I’m doing. So yeah – it’s a bag of mixed emotions here. 

What’s your advice to a newcomer in poker?

Poker can be exhilarating, intense and fun – but make sure to not fly to close to the sun. A lot of people are there who lose a lot at poker and this can be pretty stressful too – our society is generally only conditioned to listen to the winner but for every 1 tournament you win you prolly bink 9/10 others. Discipline and Patience are the two best virtues a newbie can have. 

What are your plans for the live and online space?

Well I’m really very excited to play a chunk online again. I recently had a 2nd and 5th finish in ballers and adda millions, unfortunately couldn’t close it out. Playing the IOPC features currently but I’m also looking forward to upcoming AOPS and PPL.

Some rapid fire questions with Devang

  • Proudest achievement

Winning my first live trophy

  • Live poker or online poker?

Online poker

  • Favourite Live Poker Destination, Indian and International.


  • Poker by day or poker by night?

By night

  • Weirdest poker moniker you’ve heard of


  • Biggest pet peeve at poker tables

Unnecessary Tanking in live poker

  • Favourite poker app


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