“Winning Against The Best Players Is An Amazing Feeling”: Anubhav Ray


Anubhav Ray, the 33 year old, who holds a law degree and is a practicing lawyer in Delhi, shipped the PokerBaazi Premier League Main Event Warm-Up for ₹4,36,170 last week. We caught up with Anubhav to ask about his journey so far and his advice to new players joining the industry.

Poker Journey Of Anubhav Ray

Like a lot of poker players in India, Anubhav was introduced to the game 12-13 years ago when he first started playing on Zynga Poker on Facebook. Soon, he started playing home games with his friends and his love for the game was only going to grow from thereon.

“Winning the Main Event Warm-Up event felt absolutely amazing. It is my biggest tournament score to date and it felt even more amazing when you know that you competed against the best players in the country and came on top.”

On the tips and strategy he had in place for PPL and also the fact that he plays only a limited number of tournaments, Anubhav said, “My journey through the series was quite limited actually. I just played the Main Event Warm-Up and The 1CR GTD MoneyMaker.

The strategy was simple, try and make a good stack early on and thereafter, pick my spots and put maximum pressure on the smaller stacks. Besides PPL, I was playing other tournaments as well, including on Adda52 and Spartan Poker.”

Crucial Moments During The Final Table

Talking about the crucial moments during the final table of the Main Event Warm-up, Anubhav had this to say,

“In the final table of Main Event Warm-Up, I folded Ace-Ten pre-flop to a min-raise. On the showdown, I saw that I was completely dominated and would have lost a lot of chips if I would have played that hand.” Adding about the tough competition in the final table,

“My biggest competitors in the Final Table were undoubtedly Sameer ‘KillerSam’ Tavanandi and Deepak ‘Kakoji’ Bothra. These two players came 3rd and 2nd respectively. It was a rollercoaster ride with these 2 and myself. These 2 absolutely killed it. It was one of the best battles that I have had the pleasure of being a part of.”

The lawyer with over 32 Lakhs in poker earnings, also talked about how much time he actually spends playing the game. He said,

“I have a quite hectic work schedule so I usually play only after I get back home from work. These days work is obviously lighter which gives me more time for poker. On average, I give about 4-5 hours to poker daily, depending on how deep I run in a tournament.”

We asked Anbhuav about his advice for new players who are just learning how to play poker or want to get better at the game. Anubhav emphasized on the importance of proper Bankroll Management. He said, “My advice to all the new people entering the poker world is only one, bankroll management.

This according to me has to be the first step in learning poker. If you don’t have this down, poker can turn out to be an ugly ordeal.” Congratulations to Anubhav Ray for shipping the massive Main Event warm-up guarantee and good luck for the future from the PokerShots team!

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