Play With Responsibility, “Variance Is A Part Of The Game”- Gautam Rohilla


23-year-old Gautam Rohilla is a big name in the poker industry, his consistency of winning the titles in the recent conclusion of the PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) has become one of the benchmarks. PokerBaazi leaves no stone unturned in bringing the best promotions and tournaments series for their beloved players.

The 10 day PPL series had some huge guarantees with a showstopper 1CR GTD The MoneyMaker and massive Highroller guarantees. Gautam Rohilla studied in Delhi University and has completed three years in the poker industry as a professional poker player.

He has made some huge cashes in 2020 and one of them was making it to the Final Table of Baazi Poker Tour Online Main Event in Jan 2020 and shipping six titles along with PPL PLO HighRoller title in the PPL Monsoon Edition Aug 2020.

You can check the live stream here for the BPTO Main Event Final Table in the link given below! In a recent conversation with a India poker News Correspondent, Gautam Rohilla shared about his poker journey and PPL experience. Here are the excerpts;

Hi Gautam, Congratulations on your incredible run in the PPL Monsoon Edition.

How does it feel to win six titles along with the PLO HR title and the massive payout that came with it?

Thank You, to be honest, it was a very special feeling as I have taken a long break after my Baazi Poker Tour Online Main Event Final Table in Goa. In this break, I studied the game and built a balance between work and personal life. Improving my game was the key point and I worked on my mistakes and here I am winning the six titles in a single series. I am very happy with my gameplay and I guess more titles will join my cabinet.

Take us through your journey in the series and did you have any particular strategy in place?

I started the PokerBaazi Premier League just with a purpose to grind as a normal day and I ended up shipping the PPL #1 event which gave me a really good boost to my confidence and then I was unstoppable. In this 10 day series, I made it to some 12-13 final tables and shipped the 6 titles and also started chasing the leaderboard.

My simple strategy was to try and make some good stack and go through the ITM and later whatever I got, I had to make it count.

In PLO HR, was there any particular marginal hand that you played which turned out to be a great fold or call?

In Pot-Limit Omaha, every hand is a marginal hand because equities are very close in a pre-flop or in a post-flop hand. I have mostly played PLO cash so I took this as an advantage of my position and made some sick bluffs with nut blockers which helped me to chip up in later stages.

After we were ITM I tried to play mostly pre-flop which worked out very well. As I reached the Final Table, I started with 2nd in Chips after just 2 hands, I fell down to the last in chips. It was a sick beat, Nut Full House to 2nd Nut Full House, so there was not much I could do at that time.

After this hand, I kept calm but pushed all-in on every post-flop hand with very good equity and heavy draws and got full payment for that. I got some chips and I tried to put maximum ICM (Independent Chip Model) pressure and it ended up going my way!

Who were your biggest competitors on the PLO HR final table?

I didn’t feel that there was any specific player, all others on the table where my competitors and I only had one thing in my mind how to manipulate all of them and get all the chips.

It was a great week with so many high-value tournaments. Was the PPL series you were playing or there were others as well?

After a very good start to PPL, I decided to fully focus on PPL only to achieve the tag Baazigar of the series but unfortunately, I lost the battle. I played a few events out of PPL but hardly 3-4 tournaments.

What would you like to tell someone who’s just entered into the world of poker?

Play with responsibility, the variance is a part of the game so first, understand variance before getting fully into it. Work hard on your game and results will follow, never add ego aspect in your game you can easily get broke if you’re unable get away from it.

Gautam Rohilla finished 2nd in the Leaderboard for the PPL as well! Now, even after the PPL has ended, we can see Gautam ‘M8a7’ Rohilla still crushing daily guarantees on the PokerBaazi app!

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