In Conversation With YouTube Streamer And Gym Fanatic, Gautam Rohilla

In Conversation with Gautam Rohilla

Everyone knows Gautam Rohilla in the Indian poker industry. He grew to fame due to his consistent performances of winning titles and making big cashes at the PokerBaazi Premier League in August 2020. Since then, he’s really come leaps and bounds and solidified his place amongst the top players in the country.

Being a part of the gaming industry at a young age playing international and national FIFA events online and offline, Gautam decided to move over to poker because of the simple reason that Fifa couldn’t offer the same both in monetary terms and fame that poker could.

Gautam is also a fitness and nutrition coach and has helped a lot of professional poker players and people around to get into shape and work on themselves. India Poker News had a conversation with the man himself to talk about his interests in life, his fitness regime and his poker routine.

IPN: Tell us something about yourself, where you’re from, childhood, studies, college life.

GR: I am 24 years old and live in Gurgaon. From my childhood I was into sports as I belong to a sports background family. My grandfather was a National Hockey Player while my father was a Ranji Trophy player. I have played Cricket at district level but could not pursue it further because of my financial condition and due to the politics involved in the game.

IPN: Share some of your memories from your Delhi University days.

GR: I completed my graduation from Dyal Singh College in B.Com. I don’t really have any great memories from college because I only really went to college to give my examinations. I was always playing poker at home

IPN: What is Gaming Monk? and How you are associated with it?

GR: Gaming Monk is an esports company which used to host gaming competitions and I have played FIFA as a professional gamer, so I used to go and play their events. 

IPN: Tell us about your poker routine, how many hours do you play on a regular basis?

GR: My routine for poker was very simple. Wake up around noon. Hit the gym as soon as possible, come home, get free, prepare my meals and then just play my PS4 with my clan members till 8 and then straight to grind. I used to play 8 to 9 hours a day previously but nowadays I am hardly playing poker. 

IPN: Tell us about your fitness regime, what’s your favourite day?

GR: My fitness regime differs according to my goals most of the time. I love doing weight training so everyday I go to the gym, I do 10 minutes of stretching, lifting for 50 minutes and 20 minutes for cardio. My favourite days would be bicep and chest days! 

IPN: Which superpower do you wish you had? 

GR: I wish I could have the power to stop time and only I could move around during that period.

IPN: Some time back you were tested positive for COVID-19. What is the one thing that you would want to change in order to help with this situation?

GR: Yes, I was a victim of COVID-19 back in January. It was a tough time for me because it was pretty severe and the main reason for that was I was on a very strict diet at that time as I was preparing for a bodybuilding event. 

I hadn’t tasted any salt or spice for 2 months and because of that my body was already weak and then COVID happened. After that, I was struggling for fitness and health. I had to gain 10 to 12 kg weight as doctors asked me to get my body condition better and now again I have a task to get fit and healthy!

IPN: What is your favourite cheat meal?

GR: I love eating chicken and my favourite cheat meal is Nando’s chicken or some chicken gravy with roti.

IPN: I can see you are a GoT Fan. Which is your favorite character from the show and why?

GR: Yes I love Game of Thrones. But nowadays, my favorite show is Naruto! And my favourite character is Itachi Uchiha and from GoT, I love John Snow. 

IPN: Which is your favorite video game that you have played?

GR: I have played a lot of games but the ones I love the most are Call Of Duty, Fortnite and FIFA. My username, M8a7 is also taken from Call Of Duty! 

IPN: What’s the best thing about being a poker player?

GR: The best thing about being a poker player is that I am my own boss. I control everything that I do. Freedom of choice.

IPN: What’s the best thing about being a Youtube Streamer?

GR: Best thing about being a poker streamer is that I can understand how different categories of people think about this game, their suggestions or point of view. I can help this industry to grow as a streamer and I can also help upcoming and recreational players to move a step ahead and can guide them to avoid making mistakes that I have made in my journey so far!

Gautam Rohilla is a brilliant poker player and also a super good streamer! His streams are super fun and he’s always trying to educate his viewers and have fun at the tables!

We hope that we’ll see more of him at the upcoming major online poker events!

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