EndBoss Winner Ishaan Chugh Says, “EndBoss Is Certainly The Biggest Poker Tournament In India Right Now!” 

EndBoss Winner Ishaan Chugh says, “EndBoss is certainly the biggest poker tournament in India right now

Ishaan Chugh, the 31 year old from Delhi made history last Sunday as he took down a field of 4,816 entries to earn himself the title of the EndBoss on PokerBaazi.com! 

The MIT graduate ended up agreeing to a 3-way deal in India’s biggest standalone poker tournament, the INR 5 Crores GTD The EndBoss! He earned himself an incredible payout of INR 71.48 Lakhs! 

What’s more impressive about this victory is not just that he has won the biggest poker event in India, but he got into Day 2 of the event by a free ticket that he had received from PokerBaazi! 

“EndBoss is certainly the biggest poker tournament in India right now!”, said the man himself! 

The most obvious question to players when they win such a big event is how they prepared for the event and what was their strategy going into it? Chugh states the truth by saying that you need luck in the business end of the tournament to stay alive and he just tried to take it hand-by-hand and avoided tough spots pre-flop and post-flop! 

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During the final table, it was all about adjusting his ranges with respect to ICM and the stack sizes around him! 

Ishaan has also been in close contact with some of poker’s best during his time in America. The likes of Tom Dwan, Vivek Rajkumar, Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates are some of the names that he has interacted with!

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Ishaan seems like the kind of person who does not put too much time or effort into improving his game but he has the talent and enough experience that he knows what he has to do in most situations. However, he does hand review sessions with his friends or reading up theory!

It’s actually quite impressive when you think about it! He can be quite the crusher in Indian fields if he starts putting in more volume! 

Chugh is currently working as a researcher at the NCR Business School focused on artificial intelligence and design. “I’m a computer scientist. I love the subject. I am going to do a Ph.D. in it this year, so I am doing some research there. I think AI is the future. I think poker will be played by bots in the future!!”

Ishaan Chugh has written his name down in poker history in India as he came out on top at the end of a long EndBoss grind! 

We hope to see more of him in future events and hope that he keeps crushing and promoting the game of poker around the world! For more interesting poker reads and interviews, keep reading India Poker News