Flying Under the Radar With Siddharth Pandey


There has been a steady rise in the Indian poker community in the last 3-4 years. There has been an influx of new talent coming onto the online as well as live felts. The India Poker News team consistently tries to observe and monitor the upcoming talent or the people who have been performing consistently well in different formats of the game.

Siddharth Pandey is one such player who has caught our eye. We found a way to contact him and asked him about how he has managed to earn more than 10 Lakhs in prize money in the last 10 days!

The 38 year old from Mumbai is a sports entrepreneur and a part time poker player as well as a teacher of sports management at a couple of institutes in Mumbai and Pune. He had been working in Australia for 7 years between 2004-2011.

When asked about how he got into poker, he told us that although the poker scene in Australia is really big, only once he got back to India was when he started playing the game. Like the majority of the people, he started playing poker casually with friends before moving onto the online platforms and playing seriously in 2014.

Siddharth has been consistently performing well and cashing in most of the poker tournament he plays. He says that impulse and tilt control are two of the biggest factors if you want to achieve something like this. Finding a fold when your brain tells you that you’re beat but your heart wants you to hero call and of course the support of his wife without which he believes he would not be winning as much as he has been. He also talked about how important family support is for those who are trying to make it in the industry. He said,

“If you don’t have family support, it actually makes it tougher.”

We also asked him about what kind of routine he has while playing. He said,

Try to stay focused. Bit of stretching and snacking in the breaks. Some Whatsapp chatting with a couple of good friends, also tourney players. Try and stay in the zone once I get there. A lot of sportspeople talk about being in the zone – when you’re playing really well, making the right plays, picking the right spots, not letting emotion get the better of you. Even luck seems to go your way then.

In the future, he plans to keep grinding tournaments. He says that he does play cash but not so much as he prefers to play cash games in a live setting. Since moving to Mumbai, he has not been playing a lot of live poker as much but on the online felts, he feels that he has found his spot when it comes to the type of tournaments he likes to play.

“I’ve found a sweet spot for myself. Play mostly tourneys of 1100-5500 buy in.”

He also mentioned that he would like to start studying more advanced concepts of poker more in order to understand the game better.

He is the founder of Leh Leh Sports and Engagement Solutions and wants people to know that his company promotes the sport of poker for closed user groups such as entrepreneur networks, alumni associations, corporates, interest based communities and more. So if you’d like to organise an exclusive poker event for your networks, feel free to reach out to him!

Siddharth believes that if you stay focused and have clear fundamentals in your head about the game, you can win any tournament. And ofcourse his incredible run in the last 10 days as well as his Top 100 finish in the EndBoss:

Night on Stars – 1st place for 1.5Lacs

Baazi Super Sun – 3rd place for 3.5Lacs

Spartan afternoon showdown – 1st place for 1.4Lacs once and a 4 way deal for 1Lac

Night on Stars – 2nd place for 1.4Lacs

Adda MegaSuits – 5th place for 2Lacs

Looking at these stats and listening to what he had to say, we can already see that Siddharth is a serious talent and we can expect big things from him in the upcoming events.

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