Harsh Dembla takes down The Summit on PokerBaazi.com

Harsh Dembla ships Summit 10LAC GTD

Harsh Dembla takes down The Summit 10LAC GTD

Thursday evening saw PokerBaazi.com’s 10LAC GTD event The Summit attract a field of 93 unique entries, and after including the Re-entries taken by these players, we were looking at an astounding INR 13,27,500 in Total Prize Pool. It was eventually Faridabad-based Harsh “dembla” Dembla who came out on top of this tough field that included some pretty big names from the Indian Poker Industry. Dembla adds his first Summit title to the bag along with a hefty payday of INR 3,18,600.

Here’s a look at the Final Table payouts:

  1. dembla (INR 3,18,600)
  2. LazyBrahmin (INR 2,32,312)
  3. EagleSong (INR 1,69,256)
  4. gooner1317 (INR 1,26,112)
  5. Siddonuts (INR 92,925)
  6. thehorse7 (INR 66,375)
  7. LungFakeer (INR 49,781)
  8. Ziigmund (INR 43,143)
  9. acer (INR 36,506)

Team IPN caught up with the 29 year-old textile industry expert who has recently found a great passion for the game. Here’s what he had to say:


Congratulations on the win Harsh! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Thank you! I live in Faridabad with my family and work with my father in the textile industry. I enjoy playing/watching cricket and am an absolute Movie buff.

How and when did poker become a part of your life?

Well I played for the first time when I was visiting Goa about a year and a half ago. I played some cash games and lost quite a lot of money, but that was where my interest for the sport began. Since then, I have been devoting considerable time to poker, both on and off the tables. Today I enjoy grinding MTTs and play almost all the events across the week. Every evening post 7pm I’m glued to the laptop! I also enjoy cash games once in a while but prefer to play live games.

That’s great! What are your poker plans for the year?

I recently travelled to Vietnam for the Asian Poker Tour. This was my first overseas poker trip and I enjoyed multiple deep runs including a 6th place finish in the Super Deep Stack event and unfortunately I bubbled the Main Event. Still, it was a fun trip and I definitely learnt a lot. I plan to travel to Manila for the APPT with some friends later in August. Besides that, the PPL is coming up in a couple of days and I intend on grinding the full schedule.

Good luck for that! And finally The Summit – talk us through it, any key hands/sticky spots?

I started off with an early double where I flopped a set of queens and my opponent got it in with Aces. It was a steady grind for a while until I got a pretty massive suck-out where my QQ were cracked in a three way pot for massive Chip-Lead. I was up against AcTc and 85, where 85 rivered two pairs and scooped the pot! We were still left with a decent stack and grinded it up to a top ten stack until I lost a big flip against Sumit Sapra with AK<QQ. At this point there were around 28 left and we were the shortest. We managed to double with QQ<AT of Sumit Sapra shortly after and we were ITM- 12/15.

I won a few more hands (AK>AQ and QQ>96 on 345 flop) after this and laddered up to 2/9 when the FT began. We then opened with AA and got a flat from BB, who open jammed on a T high board and we knocked him out. I lost a pretty big one in between with top two against a straight, but managed to knock the same player out shortly after with QQ>99 (where he turned a 9 and we rivered a Q!!). When we were down to 3 I got pretty lucky SB vs BB where I managed to hit a straight with A5>AK, and I had a huge CL going into Heads-up which I managed to win within 5-6 hands.

What are your views on the growth and future of poker in the country?

Poker has grown tremendously in the past year or so and it seems like it will only grow larger and faster in the years to come. Today events with 10L in GTDs are a regular affair, and we have witnessed some events that are much much bigger too! Also, I think more and more people are aware about the sport today, and they are coming to terms with the fact that poker is not gambling. This is really a great thing for the sport in India.

Very True! Any feedback for the Team at PokerBaazi.com?

Varun Ganjoo and his team are absolutely amazing with customer support, it really makes a player feel good about playing on the site and also gives a player the confidence and comfort that they are in good hands. The tournaments have great structures, and I think that the Guarantees and promos are really great. If anything, there could be some improvements in the software, which I hear are underway!

And lastly, any words of advice for an upcoming poker player?

Bankroll management is extremely important. People stress on this over and over again but I still feel that many players are playing outside their rolls, and this will definitely be a problem in the long run.

Thanks a lot for the interview!

Thank you Harsh, and all the best for the upcoming year!