In Conversation With IMPS#10 PLO HighRoller 4 LAC GTD Winner, Karan Sitlani

IMPS#10 PLO HighRoller 4 LAC GTD Winner, Karan Sitlani

The Indian Micro Poker Series kicked-off 3 days ago and it’s been an action packed affair so far! Low and Mid-stakes players have been killing it in the series and we’ve been getting new winners taking down the guarantees almost every day!

On 17th May, the first big event of the series took place. It was the INR 4L GTD PLO Highroller. The tournament received a total of 312 entries, ending up with 36 places paid and a min. cash of INR 2,720! In the end, it comes down to only one winner and this time, it was Karan ‘Collingwood’ Sitlani who took down the event and earned himself a big payout of INR 88,360! 

IPN had a conversation with the 28 year old to know more about his poker journey and his poker experiences. 

IPN: When did your poker journey begin?

KS: My poker journey started in my first year of Engineering. There I was introduced to the game by a fellow classmate and instantly got hooked to it and never looked back from there!

IPN: Tell us about the PLO Highroller grind and what was going on in your head during the event. 

KS: I always feel I’m a better Pot limit Omaha player than NLH. I was pretty confident about this PLO High Roller tourney. I had told my girlfriend/fiancé that I’m going to ship this in the first break and when I really shipped she got more excited than me. She’s my real support system when it comes to poker.

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IPN: How did the final hand of the event go down? 

KS: The last hand of the PLO Highroller, actually when it came down to two people at the last I was way ahead in terms of big blinds. I had somewhere 60-65 bigs and the other guy had just 2 big blinds. And I just flipped in the end to take down the tourney.

IPN: Will you be playing regularly throughout the IMPS?

KS: Yes I am and going to play this massive value IMPS series. I really appreciate PokerBaazi for giving us such a nice platform to showcase our skills with such low buy-ins and high GTD tourneys.

IPN: Are you going to be grinding for the Leaderboard now?

KS: I’m not going for the leaderboard yet. Maybe I wouldn’t do it in IMPS but definitely I have my eyes on the NPS leaderboard. Full on action over there too!

IPN: Are you a competitive person when you’re at the tables?

KS: I don’t compete with other people. I feel like I am my biggest competitor. I always try to focus on when and how I get better each and every day.

Karan Sitlani has been crushing the field during this edition of the Indian Micro Poker Series and we can’t wait to see what more he has to offer! 

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