Kartik Ved Kicks off 2018 by Shipping Baazi Super Sunday 15L GTD


Team IPN recently caught up with Pune based poker pro Kartik ‘TheInternetKid’ Ved, winner of the Baazi Super Sunday 15Lac Gtd tournament earlier this month. The pro has made quite a mark in the industry over the years, and winning yet another tournament is more food for thought for those who still believe poker is a game of luck. 

Hi Kartik. A big congratulations on the win! Tell us a little about your year.

Thank you! I have been playing a lot of live cash games in the past 1 year but however with live games dying out I have started to put in more volume online. I keep myself occupied with playing poker and functioning our poker stable AceJack to the best of its abilities.

Q)  What are your views on the BSS?

The BSS is one of the best structured tournaments in India after The MoneyMaker, and is paced perfectly to provide an enjoyable playing experience for all kinds of players.

Q) 2017 was quite a year for poker, and for MTTs in particular. Your thoughts?

The growth is commendable with various poker sites battling out for market share. The Tournament phase has taken the poker industry by storm, massive guarantees with each of them smashing the promised prizepool. However I do not think this is sustainable for a long time, with poker stables in place, the players are  learning much faster with far more experienced players maximizing their edges against a very soft field.

Q) Last year saw the inception on India’s Biggest Online Poker Tournament, The MoneyMaker. A serious game changer?

The MoneyMaker is the tournament I always look forward to. It is definitely a game changer with life  changing money on offer.

Q) Any inspiring words for youngsters and upcoming poker players? 

“Be grateful to be able to make a profession out of poker, it is a luxury we must cherish in the  right way.”

Thanks a ton for your time Kartik, and we wish you the very best for the upcoming year.

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