Rubin Labroo Becomes The BAAZIGAR OF THE SERIES! 


Rubin Labroo‘s super consistent show in the Winter’17 edition of the PokerBaazi Premier League was undoubtedly extraordinary.  His outstanding performance kept him on the leaderboard throughout but the last day was phenomenal in his BAAZIGAR OF THE SERIES title victory where he shipped 2 out of the 6 scheduled events!

To come across such a magnificent win in the skill game of poker, one should work hard and have a lot of dedication towards the sport. Let’s give you insights on Rubin’s PPL journey.

Q- How did you start your poker journey?

I got introduced to facebook poker in college by a few friends and I have been hooked on to the game since then.

Q– Tell us a little bit about Rubin ‘KORNKID’, his growing up and hideouts.

I spent most of my life in Delhi and a few years in Saudi Arabia where my parents were and did my engineering from Manipal.

Q- Let’s talk about PPL. You have been part of the whole PPL journey. What were the factors that brought you the title this time around?

Honestly, had never played a series on the leaderboard. This time wanted to go for the leaderboard and had a great run on I was really focused on the series and tweaked my game a little bit.

Q- Was Day 6 the major catalyst in jumping ranks on the leaderboard?

For sure, I was 13th in the leaderboard at the end of day 5. I shipped the first event of Day 6 and moved up to 6th position. Then, shipped another event and was moved up to first place and of course, chopping the main event was the cherry on top.

Q- What was your strategy behind this consistent performance?

I had been really focused and in the zone throughout the series. Most of the times, I busted was because of my own mistakes. This time I made a conscious effort to not make them.

Q- Surely there must be some memorable moments, some proud calls, some bad beats, some hero calls, some super bluffs! Please share a few.

Semi bluffed a lot especially with the last 25- 30 players remaining, I feel that’s my strongest spot with 25+ BB I can apply a lot of pressure on people who are trying to cash first. I remember calling an all in with JT ( middle pair ) on Kt637 board for all my chips and being good.

Also in the main event at 24 people paid I was 24/24 with 3BB and I went on to chop it from there. It was a super great run.

Q- What would you say about the overall experience on has to be the most customer-friendly poker site out there, hands down.

It has the best tournament structure where it rarely is a shove fest and you can actually play post flop and outplay people. Also, the software has really improved a lot from a year ago. It a smooth experience now & I do enjoy playing on

Q- Are we gonna see Kornkid winning The MoneyMaker bracelet on 26th November?

I sure hope so. A long long break awaits right after. I am really pumped and excited.

Let’s have a quick-fire round with you:

Cash games or tournaments?


Online poker or live?

Online Poker

Texas Hold’em or PLO?

Texas Hold’em

Coffee or Red Bull at the poker table?


Next attendance to live poker – Macau or Las Vegas or Prague?

Macau – one step at a time.

In one word, describe the feeling of being the Baazigar of the Series.


Any tips for Baazigars?

Play your A-game and stop worrying about beats, results will come sooner or later.

Thank You Rubin for taking out some time for us and speaking out your experiences. We wish you all the best ahead! is conducting India’s biggest online poker tournament called ‘The MoneyMaker 2.O‘, which guarantees a massive 30 lac to the winner & 20 lac to the second place, the overall prizes on offer being worth 1 Crore at least. The tickets of this grand event can be won for as low as ₹10 by playing the daily Satellites on the website. You can also grab a FREE ticket worth 11K by using deposit code TMMNOV. Check out details of the event at


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