Miracle stories: Catching up with Mohammad ‘chandlerbing’ Azhar – winner of BSS 15L


Poker can sometimes be like a fairytale, a dream come true, a miracle. Beating the odds, coming out from behind and standing out amongst the best of the best. Dream runs and comebacks are REAL – and here’s the proof.

Team IPN caught up with the most recent winner of the Baazi Super Sunday 15L GTD – Mohammad ‘chandlerbing’ Azhar – who not only came back from a 1.5BB stack but also won himself a free ticket to the event via a facebook contest! Truly inspirational, the Delhi lad managed to convert it into a hefty payday of INR 4.35 Lac! Here’s what he had to say:

Hi Mohammad, congratulations on the incredible win! Tell us a little about yourself and your poker journey so far.

Hi guys, thanks! I am Mohammad Azhar, a 3rd year Btech undergrad student at IIIT Delhi. I was introduced to the game through a few friends at 1/2 stakes. Slowly we increased the stakes upto 10/20 and spent over 12 hours daily playing. I shifted to online because I was doing pretty well in the live games and wanted to get a bigger exposure. I primarily started playing on PokerBaazi and have continued to play there majorly since the start. I started at 10/20 cash games but then got attracted by the super value tourneys available. I lost a lot obviously while learning and getting used to the online culture but I soon started doing well at micro stakes upto 20k gtd tourneys. I usually don’t play such big tourneys due to BRM but had a free ticket to this one via FB contests so just played it.

How hard was the tournament? Any defining moments?

I had a very good stack throughout but once the late reg and rebuy period ended, there was a hand were Self Claimed Pro shoved UTG which was almost 90% size of my stack and I called him with AKs and he showed AA which held very well. I still had 1.5BB left being 25/25 when 11 places were paid. 2 hands after that I got A5s and I shoved which got called by 88 on BB and flop came 789 and I was almost shutting it down and turn came 6 and I doubled up – The most crucial flip. Thereafter I shoved some spots and picked up blinds and then in no time I got a triple up and had a healthy stack once again. I was overwhelmed with emotions and just tried to stay calm because now I had a good stack to make it through and I held on and got ITM 10/10 rank. After that was the FT play where I picked up the right spots and made a good stack very soon. I got a bad beat once there when I was the CL and TT<<66 when Mr robot rivered a 6 but still had a massive stack so kept building the pressure and got the biggest edge when we were 3 handed and Abhishek Panda shipped all-in on button with 22 and I called on BB with 88 which held and then final hand was right after it when I got AQ and flash1 called my shove with A5 which held.

Quite the story! What are your thoughts on the recent developments like Vishwanathan Anand and Vijender Singh coming on-board to promote poker as a sport?

The involvement of such personalities is definitely a great thing for the poker industry because not only does it break the shackles of poker being termed as gambling but also gives a lot of inspiration to people to get into the game and learn it.

Very true! What are your plans for the year? How much does this win mean to your poker journey moving forward?

My plans for this year are still plain and simple. I have a pocket money of 8k/month and usually can’t put more than 4k into poker but now having a BR this great I will follow BRM properly and put myself out there to do well and grow more and more as a player. The only thing I will say is that nothing is too big to be achieved. I remember really well that at 7:00 PM when the tourney started I had 200 bucks in my poker account and by the end of night over 4.4L.

I’m sure this win will not only inspire you to work harder but also give others the faith that rewards do come to those who work for them! Your views on PokerBaazi?

PokerBaazi is my one stop destination that is catering to my poker needs since Jan 2k17. The reason I love PokerBaazi so much is that I love the UI against any other poker site out there and love the promotions and the regularly held grinders series and PPL series quarterly. The ranges of tourneys offered is just amazing and very highly rewarding.

As an end note I would like to say that this was one of my best grinds and hope to have many more ahead and have a great Grinders series and PPL ahead. Will like to wish all Baazigars a great year ahead. Cheers!

Thanks Azhar, and we wish you the very best for the coming year. Proven time and again, hard work, commitment, discipline and good bank-roll management are definite ingredients in the road to poker success, as seen in the case of young Azhar.