Nadeem “SpadeHunter” Basha – The Summit Champion

Nadeem “SpadeHunter” Basha – The Summit Champion

“Discipline and the right perspective towards the game took me all the way!”’s weekly 10LAC GTD “The Summit” concluded yesterday and produced yet another story of yet another youngster who has begun gathering some serious momentum on the MTT felts. Nadeem “SpadeHunter” Basha is a Chennai based poker pro who has been seen working religiously on his game for some time now, and like the sport promises, has started reaping rewards in the recent past.

Team IPN caught up with “SpadeHunter” to find out all about his win in the prestigious event and whopping payday of INR 2,45,000! Here’s what he had to say:

Hi Nadeem, congratulations on the win! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Thank you! Hi guys, I’m Nadeem and I am 28 now. I grew up in Chennai and Poker has been my profession/passion for quite a few years.

How did poker become part of your life and what games do you usually enjoy playing?

I play live cash and online MTTs both. I got into it through Zynga poker on Facebook a couple of years ago like many of us. Was more of a live cash player until recently I joined Acejack almost a year ago and started getting coached by none other than Aditya Agarwal “intervention” for MTTs. I personally feel my game has improved in the recent months thanks to Adi’s coaching. I play around 6 hrs of live games/5 times a week and then get onto the daily MTTs starting after 7pm.

Wow, quite the schedule! Well, what about The Summit? How was your journey to the top?

The Summit started slow as usual. Took me 2 bullets to take it down. But more importantly it needed a lot of patience and well-timed aggression. The last 2 tables was the interesting part about the tourney. Came down to the bottom of the pack with less than 8bb when they were 13 left. It was in the final table when I realised that I’ve got a really good shot at it.

Heads-Up with Pranav (“pranav.bang1”) went on for quite a long time. It took me sometime to finally take a good lead on him. Made a few crazy hero calls HU too. Pranav was not easy. He had a big stack right from the start of the Final Table. It felt amazing to get there from being an underdog when 13 were left.

We hear poker has been good to you off late? What do you think the sport has in store for us in the years to come?

I have shipped the Elite a month ago and also finished 5th in the PPL Main Event last week. Poker had evolved a lot in the last couple of years. We are already making a name for our country in WSOP as we speak. It’s not far that Indian players will start shipping the major ones in WSOP every year. Sushi (Aditya Sushant) has also been there to correct me in my mental game as a good friend. I hope he gets a bracelet this time too!!

Very true! Any poker travel plans this year?

I might travel to Manila for my 1st International poker trip, which I am pretty excited about. But other than that, I am planning to put in much more volume on online MTTs until I can build a solid roll. Discipline and the right perspective towards the game took me all the way! U can too. 

Well congrats again and we hope to be seeing a lot more of “SpadeHunter” around!

Thank you! And thank you PokerBaazi, Navi Bhai and the team for The Summit and other high value events! Good luck everyone!!