Sameer ‘Killersam’ Tavanandi: The First Gold Medalist At The NPS!

Sameer ‘Killersam’ Tavanandi: The First Gold Medalist At The NPS!

Sameer Tavanandi took home the first gold medal of what turned out to be one of the most successful and enthralling online poker series ever to be hosted in India, the National Poker Series hosted by PokerBaazi

The 34 year old from Mumbai, played a total of 55 events in the NPS and was able to cash 19 of them, accumulating a total of 6,933 points on the series leaderboard and earning himself a total of INR 9,14,699 in tournament earnings plus another INR 25,000 for finishing 23rd on the series leaderboard! 

Sameer won a total of 3 medals (1 of Gold, Silver and Bronze each) in the National Poker Series that earned him a 4th place finish on the NPS Podium, just narrowly missing out on the 3rd spot! 

India Poker News had a conversation with the man himself about his NPS experience and his poker career so far! 

IPN: What were your first thoughts about the National Poker Series when it was announced by PokerBaazi?

ST: The National Poker Series was the first poker series in India to have 3 Leaderboards, the series leaderboard, NPS podium as well as daily leaderboards. This is extremely rewarding for the consistent players. Also, the fact that there were so many low buy-in, high value events in the series that made it accessible for all kinds of players to participate! 

IPN:  How do you think the National Poker Series will impact the Indian Poker scene going forward?

ST: NPS is first of a kind tournament in India which gives a lot of importance in Podium places (places 1st to 3rd) by giving medals to the winners. Also, there is a Leaderboard for placing in podium places which is a great initiative by PokerBaazi moving forward.

IPN: What would you describe your playing style as?

ST: I will characterize myself as a Tight Aggressive Player (TAG). 

IPN: What has been the standout moment in your poker career so far? 

ST: Coming 2nd in Baazi Poker Tour  Main Event held in 2016 in Goa. Even though I didn’t win the tournament, from that moment I started to believe in myself more and that I can have a career in Poker. 

IPN: What are the three most important things for you while playing poker online or live? 

ST: The three most important things for me would be having a positive attitude, good vibes and staying focused! 

IPN: What is the one thing that you strive for the most?

ST: To be happy with what I have but always try to be a better version of yourself the next day.

IPN: Finishing 2nd in the BPT Main Event in 2016 was the standout moment in your poker career so far. What would you say is the most memorable moment then?

ST: The most memorable moment of my poker career will surely be winning the bounty event in the first ever WPT India as it was my first live poker tournament win! 

IPN: Are you a better online player or do you think you’re better at the game when you’re playing live? 

ST: I love playing live rather than online because I have better control of myself as I can interact with people. But I would say, in the current situation with the online poker industry booming, I’m a better online player as you learn more things as you can play more poker online.

Sameer ‘Killersam’ Tavanandi had an exceptional run at the National Poker Series and we really expect him to take it up a notch for the rest of the year and earn himself a multitude of title finishes in the remaining months of 2021! 

India Poker News will be back with more interesting interviews from the players who performed to the best of their abilities during the National Poker Series! 

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