Dhinesh Kumar’s Journey To INR 3 Crores And More!

Dhinesh Kumar's Journey to INR 3 Crores and More!

Since the pandemic began and the online poker industry started to boom, we’ve seen a lot of new and upcoming players who are, on a consistent basis, performing at brilliant levels and earning themselves massive and well deserved payouts along the way! 

One such player who has shown immense capabilities and skill at the game of poker is Dhinesh Kumar. The 26 year old from Chennai has had an incredible 2021 so far, with massive scores pouring in week in week out! His consistency is down to simply concentrating on the game when he’s grinding with minimal distractions and studying about the game as much as he can! 

India Poker News simply could not wait any longer and we decided to speak with him about his poker journey and his life so far! 

Dhinesh has been involved in sports all his life. Back in his childhood days, he used to love playing cricket and badminton. He’s won a couple of district level badminton tournaments as well! 

He says that due to the fact that his grades and percentages were low academically, he knew that he had to do well in sports! This encouraged him to take cricket coaching as well! Although it didn’t work out, Dhinesh soon found the right sport for him! 

Like a lot of other players in India, he also started playing poker on Facebook at age of 15 or 16 and by the time he was old enough to play live events, he realized that his love for the game was far more than the amount of money and titles he was going to win in the near future! 

Surprisingly, Dhinesh said that his online poker journey actually began on international websites rather than Indian websites! His first payout was on Microgaming Poker for 1,500 euros during his college days! That’s where he started learning more and more about the fundamentals of poker

Even though now he’s a professional poker player, he has had his doubts about convincing his family. This is a point we’re sure that a lot of upcoming poker players in the country face. Since, poker is still to a large portion of the population, considered as gambling, it’s hard for players to convince their parents about making such a drastic decision about their lives. 

His weekly poker routines consist of grinds starting around 8:30 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays, like most of the regs in the industry, he starts his grind around 4 pm and Mondays and Saturdays are rest days for obvious reasons! 

Fun and surprising fact: Dhinesh does not listen to music while grinding. He believes that it will only distract him!

Now that is something we don’t hear everyday! 

Dhinesh Kumar also spoke freely about his downswings. He says that he has suffered his fair share of downswings in poker already and stated that recently he had been on a downswing of around 10 Lakhs across 9 months! Although with his recent performances and after shipping the BSS Superstack on PokerBaazi, he has now been able to work his way back to winning ways!

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He also went on at length to speak about the ban on poker in the state of Tamil Nadu. He believes, now that the ban on poker has been lifted in the state, other states will also be encouraged to lift bans on this brilliant game and understand how it’s not just gambling! He hopes that in the coming years, the ban on poker will be lifted in all states and more players can start playing the game! 

Recently, the 26 year old crossed the INR 3 Crores mark in lifetime earnings according to the PokerGuru database, and even though that number might not be completely accurate, it’s still a big achievement! 

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Dhinesh ‘dhineshrocky007’ Kumar has an incredibly likeable personality and he seems like a very down to earth person! India Poker News hopes that we will keep crushing it wherever he’s playing and hopefully, turn into a full-time pro! We all know that he has the skill and discipline to do it! 

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