In Conversation with NPS Silver Medalist, Rohit Jinwal! 

poker player Rohit Jinwal interview

Rohit Jinwal has been a brilliant live poker player for a long time now. Back when the casinos were open, everyone knew and still knows the person who took down the Baazi Poker Tour 100k Highroller title for a payout of INR 39.38 Lakhs! 

One of the players pipped for great things at the National Poker Series, Rohit Jinwal cashed for almost INR 6 Lakhs during his NPS grinds which included a second place finish in the last event that he played, NPS #91 Sunday Marathon 30L GTD. He earned himself the silver medal and a payout of INR 5,54,765. 

India Poker News had a candid conversation with the man himself about his poker journey and his experience of playing in the National Poker Series! 

IPN: Tell us something about yourself, where you’re from, childhood, studies, college life.

RJ: I am Rohit Jinwal, professional poker player born and brought up in Delhi. I am a BSc chemistry graduate from Kirori mal college.

IPN: How did you get into poker?

RJ: While in my last year of college, I worked part time jobs such as events. That’s how I got introduced to a poker themed party. 

IPN: Tell us about the NPS#91 Sunday Marathon grind and what was going on in your head during the event.

RJ: I was disappointed with my Main Event bust out, so I was desperate to do well in my last NPS event  i.e, Marathon Event. I was just focusing on building a big stack to have an advantage in later stages. Luckily everything went well.

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IPN: What are your views on the new PokerBaazi app?

RJ: Baazi’s new app is impressive and with improved features. My favourite feature is player stats which is available for everyone.

IPN: What are 3 essential things for you while playing online or live poker?

RJ: 3 essential things for playing live or online poker

– clear head for critical decision making 

– physically alert and prepared for long sessions 

– game selection (most important)

IPN: What has been your greatest extravagance?

RJ: I’m a simple man. No extravaganzas 

IPN: Which is the one thing you want the most?

RJ: To win the WSOP Main Event some day! 

IPN: Are you a better poker player online or live?

RJ: I’m a better live player than online for sure! 

It’s always a pleasure to speak with the best and the brightest of Indian poker and Rohit Jinwal is certainly one of the best! 

Hopefully, now that the casinos are close to being reopened, we can see him in action a lot more! For more interesting interviews with the best poker players in India, keep reading India Poker News