Praveen ‘007prince’ Kumar: From nought to 8.2LAC overnight!


Every once in a while we hear stories that leave us with a warm, happy feeling. Stories that inspire, stories that give hope. Praveen ‘007prince‘ Kumar’s is one such story- a Mysuru lad who won himself a Free ticket to the PPL Spring’18 Main Event worth INR 16, 500 and converted that into a smashing 4th place finish of INR 8.14 LAC!

The sport has seen so many new faces on the felts and new comers who have managed to score some incredible results in next to no time. Prior to the PPL, Praveen’s highest score was INR 15,000. Team IPN caught up with the 21-year old – who was ecstatic with the result!


Hi Praveen, Congratulations! How does it feel to have achieved the extraordinary! – 8.14 LAC from a free ticket!

Hi guys! First of all I would like to thank PokerBaazi for such a big tourney, I love the contests on Facebook, and I was one of 100 participants who received a free ticket. This was my first one Crore GTD tournament in my life and I killed it by using all of my experience till now, and this is my biggest win till now, making 8lac+ as a student is a proud thing to me. I’m thrilled to be a part of the poker family. After my win so many friends of mine are inspired and they have started to play poker, and I recommended the Freeroll tourneys on Baazi so that they can play every hour and learn quickly.

 Tell us a little about yourself and how you were introduced to the sport.

I live in Mysuru, Karnataka. I’m currently studying, I’m a biker and I love to travel a lot. I first saw a poker game on television while switching channels, I didn’t find it very interesting because it looked like players were just sitting across the table and staring at each other. It wasn’t until 2016 that I learnt a little more about the game and made my first poker account.

What about your poker story?

My poker story is so funny I used to play poker for fun by going all-in all the time. In 2016 I used to play poker 5-10min per day by going all-in every hand with play money. A few month later I found out about the freeroll tourneys, even in those tourneys I would go all-in every hand! Slowly I started learning about poker rules and strategy, my first winning was 80rs where I came first in one of the freeroll tourneys – that was pretty cool. Later I started playing like 10-50k tourneys, in that the game got a bit difficult at initially and I struggled to reach the final table but as I improve my skills in poker I started getting better results.

Before PPL main event my highest score was 15k, now it is 8lac thanks to PokerBaazi!

The MoneyMaker4.0 is right around the corner, what are your views on the event? Any preparations?

I have been waiting from months to play this tourney, I was not able to play last MoneyMaker but I’ll definitely play my best in next one. As it is one of the biggest tourney I have to use all my skill and experience to ship it!

 And lastly, any feedback for the team at is one of the best sites in India, their team is so cool they’ll take care of any problem a player is facing. They will cash-out any amount request by player within 24 hours. And if there is any issue regarding cash-out they will call us and help us to solve it, as many other sites fail to do it. Their software is so good that I have not even experienced a single lag in android app. Their system is so secured and it is a very comfortable environment to learn and play poker.

The thing l learnt form a poker is that if u wanna win u should fist learn to survive, just stay in the game no matter what. Poker is a mind game, play wisely and destiny will choose you.

Thanks Praveen, truly an amazing feat to accomplish! All the very best for the coming year!

The MoneyMaker4.0 is scheduled for 6pm, March the 4th. Join the daily satellites on and stand a chance to win a ticket to the event for as little as INR 20!


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