Success Stories: BSS 15LAC Winner Shyam “IconicSJ” Jogi

Success Stories: BSS15 Winner Shyam “IconicSJ” Jogi

Success Stories: BSS 15LAC Winner Shyam “IconicSJ” Jogi’s trademark Baazi Super Sundays Event saw the crowning of its latest champion – and one with an incredibly inspiring story. In one of his very first ever tournaments on, Shyam “IconicSJ” Jogi took down the BSS 15LAC GTD event for a whopping payday of INR 3,08,000, defeating a tough field of 183 players. Jogi shares his journey with us and how the challenges he has had to face in life have molded him into what he is today.

I completed my Graduation in the year 2000 and immediately got involved with the family business – Textile Processing. Business wasn’t great at the time, but we kept at it and by the year 2010 things were really going well. In 2012, two of my friends and myself decided to start a new textile processing unit with all the automation in process and high-tech machines (we thought out of box). In order to execute this project we all 3 had to invest whatever we had plus bank loans. We took the call to go ahead. We started production in the year 2015 but could not make it work. I was detected with tongue cancer in Jan 2016. Got operated for that. It took 4 months getting back to normal. Started working again but destiny had some other plans for me. In Nov 2016 I was detected with Jaw cancer. I got operated again and took 30 radiations. After the radiation due to heavy medicine my stomach got a rupture and I was once again operated in Feb 2017 for that. In this operation survival chance was only 5% that’s what doctors told. Managed to get through that also….I am really thankful to my family who was with me all the time and my friends too. By now our business losses had also sky rocketed and we all 3 came to zero with plenty of debts.

I started playing poker in 2008 on Facebook (Zynga Poker) – at that time it was a time pass. But as I discovered more about poker by watching live tournament videos and other content I really developed a passion to learn this game. My routine business life and family would never let me pursue it though. I was so passionate about the game at the time that I thought I’d take a shot at if full time but there was no one to show me the way in 2008-09.  Meanwhile I came to know that there’s a poker tournament in Goa and made up my mind to play that even though I had zero skill level. My knowledge of the game was so limited that when I bought in for 25k and the chip count given to me was 20k, I went to tournament table and complained that I have received 5k chips less!

During the tournament I met Raj Talwar. It is said that you always meet a person for a reason. We just had a causal conversation and we were back to our routine life. I sent him a Facebook request and after that we never spoke to each other or met each other. Years passed and my passion for game was leveling up. I finally started playing online poker in 2010 and started learning the game. I was very keen on winding up my business and getting into poker professionally, but was unable to tell my dad.

In order to keep reminding myself first thing in the morning that I need to learn and master the game, I inked myself with a royal flush tattoo on my left hand. When I entered the operation theater for my 2nd operation the doctor saw my tattoo and asked me u play poker and u won’t believe we had a conversation of 20 mins or so on the operation table regarding poker! In the end I just told him that doc please make sure that I am okay and that I can play poker in future and he smiled and said definitely u will don’t worry and lie down. At that moment I had decided that whatever happens I will pursue my passion to play poker professionally – no matter what.

Now the question was from where I will get my initial bank roll and coaching? When my radiation was going on Raj Talwar just came to my mind so I messaged him since I didn’t have any contact number. I have no idea how, but Raj just agreed to help me out in each and every possible way. So now I had to meet Raj in Mumbai but then my third operation came along so it got further delayed. It took me 6 months to get back to normal after that surgery. I told to my cousins that I will play poker for a living and needed their help in convincing everyone in the family. I am really thankful to them because they did it! I eventually managed to travel to Mumbai and after a successful meeting with Raj, began my real poker journey!

Well that’s some pretty incredible stuff! This win will definitely help the process of both convincing the family and building a bankroll! Moreover, when you find success in your passion, there’s very little that compares to it!

Jogi is primarily a cash game player who enjoys playing 50/100 PLO, and the BSS 15 was one of the first tournaments that he has played on! Beating a massive and beastly field in one of the biggest events of the week is no walk in the park, and Jogi enjoyed his experience on the recently upgraded gaming interface.

I had a great start in the tournament and had had about 170k at 500/100 before walking into two coolers, forcing me to rebuy into the event. The very first hand of my 2nd bullet I got AA and it went four way all-in! JJ vs QQ vs KK vs AA! I grinded my way into the money and after the bubble my stack was around 500k, which put me in a comfortable position to make the final table

It’s never easy though! I reached the final table in 5th position and from there a new tournament starts. At one point I was down to 150k, but managed to get lucky with back to back 3 flips and reached 900K. From there on I just tried to played my A game and fortunately, luck also favored me! The rest, well, is history!!

The sport of poker is growing rapidly in the country and has produced some great champions in the recent past. Mr Jogi is one such champion who has shown us the importance of hard work and dedication required in achieving one’s goal. Thank you for that, and we wish you all the very best for your future endeavors!


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