“I won’t stop at anything”- The MoneyMaker4.0 Winner Guruprasad Gupta

Guruprasad Gupta_MM Winner

The MoneyMaker 4.0 saw its successful completion early on Monday morning and it was Guruprasad “fish_calling” Gupta who took down the event for a whopping INR 30LAC. The 4th Edition of the recently launched tournament attracted a massive field of 1156 total entries, and it was eventually Gupta who accomplished what each had set out to do.

Winning an event of this magnitude- both in terms of the number of players and the prizepool on offer is no walk in the park, but to see someone work consistently on their game, make steady progress and finally take down the big one is extremely inspiring. Team IPN caught up with Guruprasad following his win. Here’s what he had to say:


  • Hi Guru, congratulations on the win! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Thank you! Hi everyone, I’m 34 and live in Mulund, Mumbai. I am a teacher by profession, I run private tuitions and teach math to engineering students. I’m married and have an extremely supportive wife who is a pretty good online tournament player herself!

  • And your poker story? Where did it all begin?

I started playing poker 4 years ago. Early on I had managed to win a live tournament but would credit ‘beginners luck’ for that. I slowly learnt more about the game and got introduced to things like variance and bankroll management when I had a huge down swing. I slowly moved on to PLO cash games since I personally found a better scope there to make money. I intend to eventually become a full-time poker player, and am already devoting 10-12 hours to the game on a daily basis.

  • Tell us about the win, any particular techniques or adjustments during various stages of the event?

Taking down The MoneyMaker is a dream come true for any poker player in the country. I think it is India’s best online tournament and absolutely loved the structure. It’s great value for money and I don’t mind firing 4-5 bullets if I have to. I try and build a stack early and if it is a Re-entry event I don’t mind taking early flips. It’s extremely important to keep building your chip stack and I try and put pressure on short-handed tables and close to the money bubble.

In this event I used the same strategies, and I tried to avoid showdown and keep chipping up by applying pressure pre-flop. There were also some pretty big bluffs that managed to go through.  When there were 30 left I rocketed up from 12th to CL, and from there it was smooth sailing. I applied a lot of pressure towards the end and kept chipping up. I was lucky that the Final Table was not as hard as I expected, with many of the better players finishing between the 10th and 20th position. Heads up I was up against pokerkeeda11 who doubled up through me 55>AK initially. I slowed down the speed of play and tried to allow myself to exploit him post-flop. I believed I had an edge there. I chipped up considerably and after about an hour I eventually got lucky when my Ah8h cracked his TT and that was it– I HAD JUST WON THE MONEYMAKER!!!

  • Incredible! What are your views on the poker boom in India?

It’s really great to see the way the sport has grown and continues to grow in the country. 4 years ago it was hard to imagine! I feel great to have poker as a career and the fact that 1Crore guaranteed tournaments have become a regular affair is extremely exciting!

PokerBaazi has always been close to the heart for me they are a great unit. I am very thankful to them for their support and player-friendly approach. I really appreciate and congratulate them for doing a wonderful job!

  • What’s next in store for fish_calling?

Well I intend to play a lot more poker. Primarily online but I’d like to start travelling both nationally and internationally to play live events soon. I want to win more and more – I won’t stop at anything!

Thanks Guru! Any parting words?

I always tell my fellow poker players- keep working, keep learning. Follow good bankroll management and if you put in enough volume and effort, results will surely follow. Thanks everyone and Good luck!


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