After Quitting Cricket, ABD Moves to Poker


After Quitting Cricket, ABD Moves to Poker

For many, it was a sad moment when this legend bid adieu to international cricket. After all AB de Villiers was no normal guy. For years he has been entertaining crowds with his unorthodox style of batting. But who knew, this news could be a reason to cheer for every Indian poker player.

Just days after announcing retirement from cricket, ABD has expressed his desire to join the Indian poker circuit.

“Namaste India, I shove” AB de Villiers tweeted.

ABD holds the record for the fastest One Day International 50 as well as 100. When asked by pokerazzi what record is he looking to set in the world of poker, he replied “I will be the first player to beat all pocket pairs with deuce seven off in a single tournament”.

This might sound improbable to you, but top poker pros in the country have forecasted that given his sharp abilities like reverse sweeping and hitting Yorkers out of the park, he is more likely to destroy Aces and Kings with flopped set of deuces.

Rumours are also doing rounds that he will soon be joining the Pro team of a renowned poker room in the country. Top Indian poker websites will look to grab this opportunity.

It is a no brainer to guess his favourite poker cards. It’s A7 which also resonates on his cricket jersey.

Asked whether he will miss events like IPL, he dismissed it stating that he was already looking forward to big poker events like the PPL.

Well next time you play a tournament, make sure you scroll through the list of players. Who knows may be an ABD is waiting to reverse sweep you right on top of the keeper all the way out of the table!

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