Simple New Year Resolutions


It’s the beginning of the New Year and time for the world to make changes and striver for a better healthier more productive life. Here are simple things to keep in mind for 2019.

Cut down on unnecessary spending

While consumerism continues to take over the world and makes us spend more than we need, we know there are alternate options we can opt for. A simple routine like grabbing a coffee on the way to work can be replaced by making one at home. While food delivery apps do make cooking an option, we know what’s going to make us healthier!

Initially it might feel like you aren’t saving much money, but trust us, it all adds up in the long run.

Cut down on sugar

Sugar is probably the least spoken about addiction! With take-aways and home delivery at our fingertips sugar has us all dancing like ants. Find natural supplements like jagerry, fruits, coconut palm sugar, honey etc to replace your cravings.

Cut down your screen time

Well it’s the age of technology and smartphones have begun to occupy a significant amount of time in our lives. While some professions demand it, other know they can do better by cutting down on their screen time during non working hours.

Read more

Time off your smart phone will probably get you doing this. READ! Read more! Carry a book with you at all times and read whenever you get a chance. Plug in an audio book while doing your chores. Reading certainly helps keep the brain mentally active and helps one feel more productive!

Keep the resolutions simple silly.