Be Your Own Boss Part III


Your Lifestyle Does Not Always Have To Depend On Your Job

If you are chasing a conventional career path, chances are you live a fixed routine lifestyle according to it. Lets admit it, a lifestyle that may not be completely satisfying. But here’s the deal, your lifestyle is important and you shouldn’t be letting your job determine that! Understand your lifestyle to build a sustainable career path and chose your job based on the lifestyle you want to lead.

Wondering how to begin, here are a few tips:

Build your own dreams – Begin by building your own dreams! In a country like India children are expected to build a career based on their family background, for reasons that were valid during the industrial era. But the digital era has mushroomed a lot of opportunities to create your own dream career. Discover your skill set and choose a role/career that works for you best.

Identify your current lifestyle – Assess the kind of life you are currently leading. Are you in an all in career? A 9-5? A seasonal profession? A freelancer or consultant? This is crucial as the left over time is your personal laboratory where you can experiment with a new life design before taking the leap of faith.

Understand lifestyle design – This exercise calls for exploring options till you find the lifestyle that works perfectly. Keep your current job, but its wise to use your spare time and money to explore these avenues that will lead you to your ideal lifestyle and dream career.

Go beyond status quo – Work towards want you want out of life and your definition of success. For instance you might want to travel the world. Yes, it does mean sacrifices, getting out of your comfort zone and giving up activities that suck away your time, but if its going to make you happy, it’s all worth it. There is a higher level of fulfillment when you go beyond status quo.

Once you are done with the initial exercise, go ahead and explore amongst the type of lifestyles you might be leaning towards.

Location seeker – Choose between a location dependent and location independent life. If you are location dependent you want to settle in one place. If it’s the latter, let the world have no boundaries, let your lifestyle take you places.

Money seekerTake time out to really understand what makes you happy, possessions or experiences. If a high possession lifestyle is your thing, then get into a high-paying profession with the required skill set or try out the life of a high-risk entrepreneur. If experiences are your calling, focus on creating spare time and a reasonable cash flow. Insure you have a steady inflow with your investments or have 80% of your income coming from 20% of your client or time.

Time seekerFigure if time independence is a big deal for you or not. If a day full of commitments is not your come of tea, stick to a single employer and specialize in the same skill-set. On the opposite side, if you like packed days choose an outcome of multiple jobs and careers, self-employment or managerial roles.

Stress seeker – Yes, this is a type too. If you like being on your toes, enjoy tight deadlines, high stress and super ambitious, get a role that offers unlimited opportunities for responsibility and rewards. If you are on the opposite end of this spectrum define a sustainable income, a position and responsibility. You certainly aren’t chasing status co or achievements here so protect yourself from stress levels.

Take time out to understand your lifestyle and no matter the type, make it work for your career and you! BYOB!