Signs its time to Be Your Own Boss

Stuck with inflexible working hours, toxic work environments, unethical work practices and horrible bosses? Wondering what’s going to make you take the leap of fait? This one is just for you then.

Do thoughts like ‘I’m too old’, ‘Is it the right time’ ‘Will I make enough money” or “What If I fail” continue to lure you? The fear of the unknown is a healthy sign and on the flip side means you are probably ambitious and dreaming big. Before you make that leap of faith, here are a few signs that will help indicate steady paychecks are not your cup of tea.

The Dream

They are not fleeting thoughts anymore, there have been multiple business ideas, hours of research and it follows you year after year. You might not know where to begin, but the thought persists. If you’ve been having these thoughts of being your own boss for a while now, its time!

Ascending the corporate ladder doesn’t cut it anymore

Chances are you are working for someone else and you started off wanting to be your boss, climb the corporate ladder and retire once life is comfortable. You were painting a perfect picture of a successful career by society’s standard. But despite the designation, health benefits and hefty paychecks, turning up at work everyday seems like a chore. While you pine for the weekends, you spend it recovering from a workweek. If you’ve been feeling this way for a while, your job certainly doesn’t provide the fulfillment that you crave.

Do you feel like life’s got more to offer and your values aren’t reflecting at work? BYOB! Today a large number of the workforce are freelancers and are biding goodbye to their nine-to-five jobs. The median years of tenure of an employee aged 25 is only five years now! You are asking the right questions if the corporate ladder is not your stepping-stone to success.

Your work persona is wearing you out

Corporate structures, hierarchies, rigidity in titles have all lead to work environments where one can’t be himself/herself. You are often found hiding who you are and this leads to lesser fulfillment. You see the real you slipping away in the distance and doing things you don’t enjoy.

Feel like a square jar lid trying to fit a round jar bottle, Red Alert! Basically if you need to be a different person to be successful at your job, you are certainly wasting a great deal of your potential on the wrong thing!

You are no longer in the driver’s seat

Does the thought of your corporate job and living everyday clockwork make you want to tear your hair out? You’re the creative kind, but your job demands sticking to the book. You love travelling, but your work hours and bosses make it harder. Your job stops you from doing the things you love and being in control of your life. If the thought of words like ‘ teamwork, ‘bandwidth’ and ‘think out of the box’ make your cringe, its time high time!

Your current scenario is worse than the thought of change

Considered putting down your papers multiple times in the last month? Long hours and stress levels beginning to take a toss on your health? Want to leave behind a legacy that you can be proud of? Know you are meant for something greater? Congratulations, cause you now know where you are right not is not an option anymore! Perhaps the destination and road map aren’t in hand, but you are certainly on the way to be your own boss.

Dream Big and don’t let your dreams go, because if you do you’ll be working towards someone else’s dreams. BYOB!

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