Daniel Negreanu latest vlog download

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Canadian Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu decided to resume his YouTube channel with a vlog recently. The vlog content is no short of entertaining, of course followed with some serious poker talk as always! From his vision and glasses giving him trouble to the 50 Cent Drama to tying the knot to the WSOP to the great markup debate, he’s got it all covered in his latest one.

He begins with his narration of his Poker after Dark game. Playing with a loud fun table of the bigwigs, there was bound to be some drama. It was American filmmaker and producer Randall Emmett who took centre stage this time. Randal who is usually boisterous on the felts was observed frantically texting on his phone a few hours into the game and eventually leave the table rather quiet Negreanu observed. Following the Instagram / memes and trolls posted the next day by 50 cent explained Randal’s behavior. Check out the drama that unfolded in Negreanu’s vlog.

Coming in next was a personal story announcing his engagement (though the official news was already out) to Amanda Leatherman! Negreanu and Amanda (Film actress and morning radio show host) dated 10 years ago and went their separate paths. With a ring in his pocket all long for this special one, they finally reconnected this year and decided to get engagement! Congratulations to the two! The couple will tie the knot on the 17th of May this year. We are also looking forward to the fun podcasts Negreanu and Amanda will collaborate on!

Negreanu will be diving straight back into work with the 50th anniversary of the WSOP. Going for the third player of the year title, he says winning the high stakes events is not enough and has changed his strategy to include smaller stake games and has a packed schedule!

Negreanu also announced selling shares of his own WSOP action to his fans at an affordable price. He has structured three separate packages for his low, medium and high stakes events. He is selling up to 10% in the low stakes events, 25% in the medium events and up to 50% in the high roller tournaments.

He moves onto the hot topic making the rounds ‘markup shaming’ at the end of this vlog. Nagreanu is in loggerheads with self-confessed ‘markup policemen’ Shaun Deeb and KidPoker did not hold back. He believes it is a form of bullying and that staking is a free market industry.

If you aren’t following the legend on his various social media accounts, well you should be!

Catch his latest blog here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=99&v=EbswUsYl2nY