Eating right at the World Series of Poker


If you are a professional poker player, by now you should have established how important your eating habits are. Steer away from the sugar crashing, binging on bad food and those colourful sodas if you want to focus and sharpen your skills on the felts.

While travelling, poker players certainly do find it difficult to eat on time and eat right. But it’s important to make a conscious choice and keep an eye out for healthy food. Since the 50th World Series of Poker is underway and long grueling grind hours are on the cards, we thought we’d take a look at how you can survive with nourishing food and be smart with your eating.

Foods that will help boost your memory

There are few essential skills in poker and a good memory is certainly one of them! From remembering cards to player styles to physical tells; the brain certainly needs some nourishment!

Our brains respond to our commands because of biochemical neurotransmitters, and the one that helps our memory is called acetylcholine. To keep this at the level it needs to be, we need to eat foods containing choline.  It might be hard to get find these foods in the casinos, but a little pre prep from might take you a mile!

Foods that include choline and you can easily get your hands around are oranges, bananas, peanuts, oats, corn and salmon.

Foods that help Boost Your Energy

Eating foods containing serotonin helps to boost your energy naturally, as well as keeps your mood evenly balanced while limiting any anxiety or stress you might be feeling. This is certainly a plus to keep your nerves on the felts, especially if its your first!

Some foods that contain serotonin include potatoes, seeds, yogurt, avocadoes, lean red meat, spinach and bananas.

Foods that Help You Stay Calm

Successful poker players will tell you the greatest skill to have on a poker table is the ability to remain calm and patient. Our brain needs dopamine for that, a neurotransmitter that helps you stay calm and gives us a sense of bliss. Let’s face it, when you’ve just bluffed your entire stack on the turn and you’re praying for your opponent to fold, you could do with some of that dopamine right?!

Get your share of dopamine from foods such as proteins, watermelon, cheese, beans, pulses and bananas.

Go with a relatively healthy meal option whether you are on holiday or work and steering clear of alcohol wherever possible is a good idea. Bon Appetite! And Bon Chance!