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While your poker skills and profits increase, don’t be a total fish in the dating world because believe it or not, women don’t find it sexy when you spend 7 hours a day playing online poker!

Stop complaining and learn how to use your lessons on the felts in the dating world too! Here’s our take on poker concepts that could be useful in the dating world.

Read Your Opponent

Poker is all about reading your opponents. Since you are used to analyzing betting patterns and body language on the felts, this one should come easy for you.

Here are a few obvious reads that might help you read your date:

Points her feet towards you (opposite: not facing you). – Subconsciously touches her hair. – Leans in to talk to you (the music could be loud sometimes, so don’t be quick to jump the gun on this one). – Puts her arms by her sides (opposite: crosses her arms).

If you can spot a few of these tells in your date, then you’re off to a decent start!

Focus on Good Decisions

As we all know in poker, there is a strong tendency to focus on the wins and losses. The problem with tying your self-worth to wins and loses is that poker has a luck element to it, where poor cards, bad beats, and unpredictable opponents can break your game. The mathematically correct decision is the right one to be making.

Yes, Dating isn’t quite so straightforward or robotic, but you need to acknowledge the fact that you can’t control all of the factors in every single date. Go into each one with an open mindset and stay true to yourself.

No two women are alike. While your personality may impress one woman, it could boomerang with the next, what’s important is to make the right decisions for yourself.

Change Your Playing Style to Fit the Situation

This should be a no brainer, poker has taught most players to adapt to a game based on various factors. Once you are aware of your playing style, you tweak it a bit to fit the situation. The same flexibility should be used in the dating world when you find a woman that you like, and immediately get a read on her personality.

Contradicting much? Be Yourself or Adapt? Keep it simple, if you’ve done step one, and understood your date is a bit conservative, you could resist from talking about your wild escapades or UFC knockouts!  Get the drift?

Fold and Move on

All you poker players have been pot committed – a situation where you’ve invested so many chips into a hand that math dictates you call no matter what.

This is not the same as following bad money with more chips just because you’ve already put lots of money into the pot. Sometimes you just have to know when to fold a hand, no matter how much you’ve committed to the pot.

The same can be said of dating; you might dedicate weeks or even months to a relationship, only to know deep down inside that it’s not going to work. Red flag alert! Rather than channelizing your energy and investing more time into the relationship, learn to fold your hand and invest time towards finding someone who’s truly right for you.

Poker and dating don’t have a direct connection. However the aforementioned tips could certainly helps you get the basics in place and kick-start your dating career.


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