Ocean Floor Plays Host To a Recreational Game of Poker, Stumbled Upon by Scuba Divers


Scuba Diving is an incredible outdoor experience that lets you glimpse the beauty of marine life up close. You could see corals, various kinds of fish, sharks dolphins and ever whales if you are lucky. But imagine the shock of two divers who recently spotted a group of friends enjoying a game of Poker on the ocean floor off the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, in Dahab, Egypt.

The group were playing a game of stud poker and had money in the form of coins, cards, chips and the whole deal. The oxygen tanks can be seen at their sides.
A video was taken by Vital Bazarov, one of the divers:

“We were at a depth of around eight metres when me and my dive buddy, having already finished our dive, were already on our way back to the surface, when met this group of divers,” stated Bazarov.

“They were quite experienced divers and as you can see on the video it is possible to play poker underwater, but it’s important to keep an eye on air in the tank,” he added.


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