Poker players Instagram accounts you must follow!

Instagram has rapidly caught up amongst the millennial and poker players have taken to it in fairly large numbers. From sharing their victories to defeats to their travel shenanigans, they are certainly painting a visual picture of the lifestyle. Here are the top few accounts to follow and a few tips if you are considering having one of your own for poker.

Nathan Williams

If there’s one poker keeping it real and skipping the usual chip stack pictures in card rooms, it’s Nathan William. The Thai based poker player and globetrotter instead posts real lifestyle pictures. Nathan is often seen posting fitness pictures. His account gives us an overview of what a poker pro’s life looks like off the felts. Now, that’s the kind of balance to have for your profile.

Doug Polk

Another account that comes to mind instantly is that of poker pro, Doug Polk.
Doug, as a high stakes pro, choses to post about his life in and around the poker tables. So if he is playing a big tournament like the WSOP, be assured to see updates. Another interesting area we often see him posting about is the $100 into 10k bankroll challenge at the micro stakes poker tables online. In addition, we see a fair bit of posts on crypto activities and his beloved dogs!

Joe Ingram

If you haven’t been following his podcasts already, you are missing out! Joe Ingram runs the best poker podcast in the industry and also has an interesting Instagram account! Although the posts are mainly about his video and podcasts, he often shares pictures and clips of various high stakes pros who he runs into. In addition, he’s always knows what’s going on in the poker circuit, so follow him if you want to stay current and ahead of the game.

Jonathan Little

Jonathan is a very popular poker player with his success in the WPT series and poker author. What’s interesting about his Instagram accounts is the ‘Little Poker Advice’ series. He uses these posts to share a daily bit of poker knowledge to his fans. In these posts Jonathan shares his poker wisdom or strategies that could help followers in their games.

Maria Ho

She knows what she is doing on the poker felt and on her Instagram account too! Maria posts about when she plays in big poker tournaments or cash games. But what makes her stand out, are her lifestyle posts. In addition, her posts with the poker celebrities also garner a lot of likes. We needn’t say more, follow this girl!

Phil Hellmuth

Well, as expected, ‘The Poker Brat’ and 15-time WSOP bracelet winner had to make it to this list. A legendary poker player known for his rants and poker shenanigans on the felts doesn’t fall shy on his Instagram account either!

With a handle that reads @beingthegreatest, you have to hit follow one this one!


Here are our thoughts on basic Instagram accounts tips poker players could follow. (depending on their experience)

  1. Let your followers know both the wins and defeats, keep it real!
  2. Share advice and tips (only when you are at a stage to)
  3. Lifestyle posts are certainly a breather; don’t forget to include hobbies like fitness, music, pets, globetrotting, arts etc.
  4. Create a unique identity for yourself, something that fans will follow you for exclusively.
  5. Create a unique engaging #hashtag that have your follower’s attention effortlessly.