Staples Brothers Win $150,000 via Weight Loss Bet Against Bill Perkins

It all began when Matt and Jaime Staples were chilling on the back deck of Bill Perkin’s boat on 26th March 2017. Someone suggested the bet on twitch chat and within 5 minutes the brothers found themselves with a chance to win $150,000 by reaching within 1 pound of each other within a year!
At the beginning of the prop bet, Jaime weighed 304 pounds and Matt weighed 134. That was the start of the #UltimateSweat challenge, which ended this weekend with both brothers weighing 188.3 Pounds to win the bet.
“We were visiting our friend Bill Perkins who has a place down in the Virgin Islands and we were streaming poker on his boat. Someone on our livestream chat suggested ‘how crazy would it be if Jaime and Matt could get to the same weight?’ Bill, being a very successful energy trader, was like ‘I’ll give you 50-to-1’. My eyes lit up. Matt, we’ve got to take this,” stated Jaime staples.

The official Weigh-In took place at Jason Somerville’s RunItUp Reno event in Nevada on March 25th. Jeff Gross was the judge determined that both the brothers weighted in on 188.3 pounds which meant that Jaime had lost 115.7 pounds while Matt gained 54.3 pounds. An incredible feat!
The poker community (including Bill Perkins who was quite unconcerned about the $150,000) seemed thrilled with this achievement and was quick to offer their congratulations to one of poker’s most popular social media stars.
Hear from Jaime himself on the Prop Bet and Weight Loss Journey:


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