Types of people you meet at the WSOP

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The Rio Convention Centre in Las Vegas is a treat to watch during the WSOP. The felts come alive with people from all walks of life! Here’s a look at the list of real life characters that you can bump into at the 50th anniversary of WSOP in 2019!

Soon-To-Be-Rich Players

Somewhere tucked in a little corner of the massive casino floors are these inidividuals who have no clue that they are a few days away from striking gold! A moneymaker in the making!

Bad Beat Storytellers

You know these when you see them at a distance! To be avoided! “No body wants to hear your bad beat story, you aren’t the only one!” and of course did you forget to mention that tiny detail of how the bad beat could have been avoided in the first place!

Table Captains

They never grow old and every poker table has one! Always there to announce the size of an all-in bet in a hand that he isn’t even a part of! Any controversies? Team Captain is there to making a ruling!

Poker Playing Athletes

Athletes love to compete and that doesn’t change when they retire! Michael Phelps and former NFL star Richard Seymour are among the athletes who hit the WSOP felts.


The World Series of Poker brings out the best players in the world, but this represents only a portion of all the players! The average WSOP player is no more skilled than what you face in your online poker room. Look out for them they come in all shapes and sizes!

Phil Hellmuth

Admit it! He’s one of a kind. Hellmuth can be either looking for a camera or complaining about bad beat to someone who doesn’t care. This ‘Poker Brat’ is one of the popular figures in history and if he goes onto to win his 16th bracelet this year, he’ll be breaking some records!

Drama Queens

If you enjoy childish antics, you are definitely up for a treat! Drama is always up in the air and everyone likes to get a bite of it!

Costume-Wearing Freaks

From thor to drag to an elderly gentlemen, the WSOP felts has seen it all! This year expect bigger and better, cause this bunch takes their dressing a tad bit too seriously!

Luck boxes

You envy this one, can barely spell P-O-K-E-R and walks away with a shiny piece of metal! But trust us, your better off! #gameofskill

Las Vegas Tourists

People from all around the world come to town to catch a glimpse of the action at the Sin City. The excessive photo taking gives them away instantly!

The Vegas First-Timer

It will be the first for many and you can spot them from a mile. Other than being in awe about most things, they ask a lot of questions! Don’t end up being their guide!

Old-School Grinders

They might be outnumbered, but they are still there and you can’t knock them down easily! Send some respect their way, though they might not adopt to a newer strategies, they are wiser!

Gym Rats

The game of poker is finally seeing a lifestyle change. A lot more players are beginning to eat healthy and not resort to stuffing their face with fries! Working out and eating healthy is the name of the game in modern poker.

Anti-Gym Rats

And then yes off course, these old-timers who haven’t evolved! They love their beers and a good bite of their favorite burger! As long as their weight is not the one crushing the felts!

The Newly Married Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is no longer available, ladies! He finally ties the knot weeks before the WSOP to former poker reporter Amanda Leatherman! Well we hope the new lady brings him a new bracelet!

Shares too Much Information Guy

If they begin with “See, let me give you some advice…” BOLT! You are going to spend hours listening to half-baked poker strategies!

The Not-As-Funny-as-He-Thinks Guy

If you’re the only one laughing at your joke, it’s you, kindly stop, the table needs someone with a better sense of humour!

Friendly, Good-Hearted People

The fact of the matter is most people you encounter this summer at the World Series of Poker will be interesting and friendly. So don’t be intimated! The sharks don’t bite!

The Greatest Poker Players in the World

The WSOP is the biggest and most prestigious tournament in poker for a reason! While there are your average joes, the felts also have their share of a star studded tables! Great poker, a lot of money, what more!

People from All Walks of Life

A true melting pot in its true sense; the WSOP plays host to men, women, senior citizens, Europeans, Asians, Hispanics, Jews, Christians, Muslims…and the list goes on and that’s what makes the series a truly wonderful experience!