Will breakdancing make its way into the 2024 Olympics?


Athletes work hard and train hard four years long for their ultimate test, The Olympics. It is a sporting spectacle that the world waits to watch across different fields of sports.  Since its inception a lot of sports have been added to the Olympics and the 2024 Olympics have some interesting proposals for inclusion.

Under the new International Olympic Committee rules (introduced for the Tokyo Games) Olympic host cities can hand-pick sports and propose them for inclusion in those Games if they are popular in that country and add to the Games’ appeal.

Local organizers must submit the recommended list to the IOC, which will make a decision in December 2020, following the Tokyo Games. The four sports being backed by the French Capital (host for the games) are surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing and wait for it….. Breakdancing!

Breakdancing, an acrobatic style of street dance typically set to hip-hop or funk music, requires its own levels of physical endurance. It follows the successful introduction of breakdancing at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires last year. The game, if approved, would be making its first appearance in the Olympics, while the three other sports will all be introduced at the 2020 Games in Tokyo.

The Paris games organizers said the sports have been chosen because they best reflect the city’s identity and help take the Olympics to the street. They said they wanted to deliver a Game that was “in keeping with the times and inspire new audiences and attract young people … and which can be played anywhere and anytime in urban and other environments.”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has the final say on whether the four sports Paris has backed will be included when the Games take place in the French capital.