Baazi Games Group Invests Big Bucks In The Indian Gaming Industry 

Baazi Games Group

Over the last decade, the online gaming scenario has evolved drastically. All thanks to persistent efforts by online poker sites in India that are playing a crucial role in transforming poker perception amongst the people. These online poker portals have immensely contributed in spreading awareness about the game of poker. And, one of the leading names, PokerBaazi, has been at the forefront of it, always.

Baazi has been a pioneer in conjuring several poker promotions for players in the country. What made them more popular was their brand vision – expanding the online gaming horizon to other sports and card games; thus, paving way for BalleBaazi and RummyBaazi. 

The Baazi Games Group is once again hogging the limelight and this time it’s about a huge investment in the Indian gaming industry – A massive INR 35 Crore worth of investment is going to be utilised for developing and enhancing the gaming technology. The investment will also accelerate the growth of innovative startups in the country.

On Tuesday, the company announced that the procedure is planned to take place over a period of next 6 months. Certainly, this major step will play a pivotal role in expanding the horizon of skill-based games in the country. As PokerBaazi, BalleBaazi and RummyBaazi, they have gained their loyal followers.

These platforms are spread across different games providing variety, and at the same time helps attract maximum players from the Indian poker circuit. The founder and CEO of Baazi Games Navkiran Singh said, “Baazi Games has played a major role in revolutionizing the way card games, and fantasy sports are played in the country today.

Our investment of $5 million in the Indian gaming industry will further catalyze the growth of the industry and pave way for newer innovations. With this vision, we hope to become a technology incubator in the industry and look forward to the bright future of gaming in India.

Overall, the Indian gaming space is expected to increase at 22% CAGR. Not surprising though, ‘coz the last couple of years have seen big investments come by.