Buddhist poker player donates $600,000 winnings to charity


The lucrative prize money in Poker has always attracted a lot of eyeballs! With the number of professional poker players on the rise, so is the prize pool. But poker players are not only about winning big and amassing their wealth! They have made donations to various charitable causes that are close to their heart and given back to their roots.

A player whose contributions to these causes need a special mention is Scott Wellenbach. He has supported causes that focus on housing, health care, food, education and human rights. The 67-year-old Canadian translates Buddhists teachings from Sanskrit and Tibetan when he is not on the felts. He has been fascinated with poker ever since his childhood and it followed him till his adulthood. He believes that Buddhist practice certainly helps improve his poker game.

Scott Wellenbach recently walked away with $671,240 at an international poker tournament in the Bahamas and it comes as no surprise that he isn’t planning on retaining any of his winnings.

While he hasn’t decided where he will donate his most recent winnings, Wellenbach in his interview with Pokernews.com hoped a wise decision would come out of it and that the money will go towards a good cause and helps ease the life of certain human beings.  Beneficiaries of his previous contributions include the Buddhist nuns in Nepal and Tibet, Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders.

He revealed that he meditates on a regular basis but more so during a tournament to retain his personal discipline. He further adds that practicing meditation helps develop mindfulness and awareness of your self.It helps one be more aware of these emotions that often tend to take control both emotionally and physically. Once you are aware of these emotions and thoughts they have less power over your mind and it definitely helps look at the poker table clearly and make the right decisions.

An inspiring story that should have a positive impact on the upcoming generation of poker players! To responsible winnings!