Abhishek ‘Human_AI’ Maheshwari Is The EndBoss Champion

EndBoss Champion Abhishek Maheshwari

The biggest online tournament in Indian history came to an end last night. The 5CR. GTD EndBoss has been a wild ride for the last 4 days. On the Day 2 of the poker tournament, we played down from a field of 645 players who had made through to the final day from 4 different Flights, to the last man standing, the EndBoss!

The Story Till Final Day 2

The players had to play 4 flights to make it to the final Day 2. The 1A,1B,1C and 1D flights received an incredible total of 5847 entries! The traction and player response received by the PokerBaazi team was simply a sight to behold! A total of 645 players survived the 4 flights and made it to Day 2 to be the EndBoss and win the 1CR. prize  from an accumulated prize pool of ₹5,85,00,000!

Here is The List of the Top 5 Players Starting Day 2

Top 5 Day 2
Dkrocks01 5,04,000 DEEPAK MEENA
durrrr1310 4,75,000 Vaibhav Saigal
manamish 4,65,000 MANISH YADAV
skillfox 4,65,000 NIKITA KEJRIWAL
htc170209 4,39,000 DINESH KUKREJA


The Bubble

Senthurpandi ‘SENTHIL76’ J was the player who burst the bubble. He finished in 586th place and unfortunately couldn’t make it ITM!

Varun Ganjoo, the Marketing Director of Baazi Games, took to Facebook to announce that due to the superb success of the EndBoss event, they have decided all players who could not make the ITM, i.e, the players who finished 586th to 685th, will receive a ticket to the 25L GTD BSS SuperStack!

Heads Up For The EndBoss Title

Abhishek ‘Human_AI’ Maheshwari and Neel ‘Worm33’ Joshi were the last two remaining players. The two started out the heads-up battle with stacks of 1.85CR and 6.51CR respectively. Neel ‘Worm33’ Joshi had a big chip lead but Abhishek ‘Human_AI’ Maheshwari had other ideas. A couple of important wins for Human_AI shifted the stacks a bit in his favour and going into the final hand of the EndBoss, he had a stack of 4.88CR while Worm33 had 3.48CR chips. Not a big difference but that slight difference was all that mattered.

The Final Hand

The flop J♣️4♠️2♠️ opened with 1.17CR already in the middle. Both players checked the flop and the turn came a 5♣️. Worm33 raised 36L into a pot of 1.17CR and got re-raised shoved by Human_AI. Neel ‘Worm33’ Joshi called All-In with J♦️6♦️ and Abhishek ‘Human_AI’ Maheshwari showed his J♠️10♠️! An inconsequential 8♥️ on the river meant that Abhishek ‘Human_AI’ Maheshwari was the EndBoss and won the INR 1,00,00,000 cash prize!  

  • The final board was: J♣️4♠️2♠️5♣️8♥️
  • Final hands:  J♠️10♠️ vs J♦️6♦️

You can watch the whole final table on Aditya ‘Adiwankenobi’ Wadhwani’s Page on Facebook

Abhishek ‘Human_AI’ Maheshwari The EndBoss.

The 27 year old from Pune is a BE Mechanical Engineer from the Pune University and runs his own business. He qualified for the EndBoss Flight 1D through a satty. It seemed like this fairy tale was written in the stars and the stars aligned. Abhishek had deposited 5,000 and got the satty ticket as a bonus and as they say, “the rest is history.”

The Final Table Payouts


The Final Table Payouts
Human_AI 1CR Abhishek Maheshwari
Worm33 65.02L NEEL JOSHI
tilt83 40.05L ROMIT ADVANI
KesarDa 26.55L Aditya Kesharwani
ryuk 19.35L Rishab Malik
Aurangzeb_9 15.49L Shubham Mahapatra
Piko1432 12.63L Priyank Kothari
Wobbegong 10.12L Sankalp Marwah
pottysingh 8.07L Anirban Das



The biggest tournament in Indian online poker ever was certainly a historic event. With over 5000 entries, a gargantuan prize pool and brilliant poker all around the tables, this was quite easily one of the best online poker events ever! One of the most enthralling and riveting final tables we have ever witnessed.

Congratulations to all the winners who made it into the money and of course to Abhishek ‘Human_AI’ Maheshwari for being the EndBoss. Big cheers to the PokerBaazi team for making our quarantine bearable! Navkiran Singh, Founder & CEO of PokerBaazi, took to Facebook to give the final word on the 5CR. GTD EndBoss. He said,

Hey Guys!

Feeling ecstatic at this huge historic event in Indian poker. 5CR gtd, getting it crushed was the target but 5.85 CR is unreal. Feels so good when time and again you guys have reciprocated and together taken poker to next levels, 1CR then 2 CR and now this! We were so grateful to ya’ll that we decided to give everyone who didn’t ITM today the BSS25 lac ticket.

A special congrats  to Abhishek Maheshwari from Pune who turned out to be the eventual EndBoss. Varun managed to speak with him just now and wow what a story. Deposited 5K with a free ticket to satty, won a ticket from there and rest is history. He said he literally puked after the final hand, can understand the thrill.

It’s amazing to see players like Neel Joshi and Romit MoneyMaker Advani consistently performing so well just shows how you do it with skills, but an interesting thing seen always is how the lesser known guys have got the better of pros, be it Game Changer boys Prashanth Sekar & Shagun Jain and now the endboss.

I did something similar at the BPT HR too 🙂. We had some crazy plans to do the FT live in Goa but the situation didn’t let that happen. Congratulations to all the players who made itm, it’s a big achievement and to all those who participated but couldn’t make it, just being a part of it is worth remembering.

I wanna thank the poker community each and every one of you. Your feedback and constructive criticism has always pumped me to keep improving. Last few weeks saw a lot of negative posts about Baazi which were broadly about rake, tds bonus & software glitches.

See we have always been transparent in what we do, what we have in comparison to other sites is a high rake high reward structure where we effectively are giving the best rakebacks if you include baazi rewards, deposit bonuses, cash promos like cash drives, poker insurance, etc. Those complaining about this need to understand from the operator’s perspective where we see the total giveaways vs total rake and not individually which will of course vary.

Having said that I have always believed in walking along with everyone and hence have decided to switch to a lower rake lower reward structure. You will see gradual changes in the rake structures happening in the coming days. About the software issues, our tech has been at it even though cover-19 made it tougher, and they were able to optimise things just in time before the endboss, there were no such major issues observed in these last few days.

We are also working on our new product based on a new technology, software is the last thing that should be criticized and we know that. Avneet Rana- great job! The new updates are very pretty impressive. With the new app will come a lot of personalised experience and Baazi rewards 2.0 in which you will see a structure suited for all stakes and higher tds bonus caps as well.

At this moment I thank my data scientist and data engineers for doing a great job in building fraud prevention & other systems which prevent multi-accounting thus allowing us to do bigger things at a fast pace. These are people who work behind the scenes who don’t get as much appreciation or acknowledgement. Sudeep Godara- kudos to you and your team.

I also appreciate the efforts of my support team for taking good care of everyone and being prompt at it. Kudos to my marketing team for making this a success, the endboss rap was a killer everyone will agree.

Varun Ganjoo and Anirudh Chaudhry

I say this is not the end, it’s just the start. Lots more good things, good surprises, will keep that coming. Please excuse me for not being active for sometime now as all of these things do need focus and I would like to focus on those, you have our support team at your disposal for any assistance, can chat with them almost round the clock.

I have also added my personal assistant Roshni Raj who is always extremely prompt to make sure I don’t skip the important things. Keep loving, keep motivating, and I will keep delivering. That’s a promise! Lastly, Thanks a lot to the entire Baazi family! This was the end of the EndBoss, until next time.

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