Top 5 Players From The EndBoss! 

Top 5 Players From The EndBoss

Another super successful event has come to an end on PokerBaazi. India’s biggest tournament till date, the EndBoss received a total of 4816 entries across 5 flights and in the end, we received a 3-way deal on the final table, which to be honest, was kind of disappointing to see. 

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the players who finished the EndBoss with the Top 5 biggest payouts! 

  • Eka ‘gettingthere’ Vedantham

Eka Vedantham played fine poker throughout the final table but ended up getting super unlucky when he was short stacked on the button and ended up getting it in Kings versus Queens. The opponent spiked the brutal two-outer on the river to knock him out but Eka still ended up cashing for INR 16,05,000 for 5th place! 

  • Ujjwal ‘Mr_Robot’ Narwal

Online crusher, Ujjwal Narwal had an insane Sunday night across multiple platforms, final tabling multiple events. Ujjwal was the short stack for most of the EndBoss final table and was under immense ICM pressure throughout. The bad beat to ‘gettingthere’ ensured ‘Mr_Robot’ a payout of INR 21,90,000.

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A payjump of more than 5 lakhs! Ujjwal Narwal was probably the most experienced player at the final table. It would’ve definitely been hard to take when he bust but sometimes that happens in poker, cards don’t fall your way. He can be proud of his Sunday night nonetheless. 

  • Divanshu ‘1diot’ Khurana

The man from Gurgaon, Haryana had smooth sailing throughout the final table. His Queens hit on the river against Eka Vedantham’s Kings which kept him away from danger. He didn’t take any risky spots it seems and was willing to let the shorter stacks bust out and earn himself important payjumps. In the end, the players agreed to a 3-way deal and he jammed his 40 big blind stack with pocket Sixes and got called by pocket Tens.

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At this point in time, the players were probably tired or simply happy to take home the massive payouts they had earned themselves. Therefore, you cannot really question his decision to jam Sixes once the deal is made. 

  • Dhiraj ‘supernuts’ Lakhotia

‘Supernuts’ was on a heater coming into the EndBoss. He crushed through to the final table where he did receive some resistance but his form was good and he kept grinding and taking down pots here and there. He had a big stack at the final table and he made good use of it. Dhiraj earned himself the 2nd place payout of INR 57,299,33! 

  • Ishaan ‘Ishaanc90’ Chugh

The EndBoss is Ishaan Chugh. The 31 year, MIT graduate, was the last man standing once the 3-way deal was made and earned himself the priceless title of the EndBoss with a payout of INR 71,47,701! 

Congratulations to everyone who cashed the EndBoss and these 5 guys who made history! 

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