Ishaan Chugh Is The EndBoss! 

Ishaan ‘Ishaanc90’ Chugh Is The EndBoss

5 days ago, the journey started for players from all over the country, to earn themselves the title of the EndBoss by winning the biggest standalone poker tournament in Indian poker history! The INR 5 Crores GTD The EndBoss ended last night after 5 flights of exceptional poker being played and a Day 2 of unexpected outcomes and bad beats! 

A total of 4816 entries participated in the EndBoss across all 5 flights and only 597 players were able to make it onto Day 2 of the prestigious event. With a min. cash of INR 20,000 and an insatiable up top prize of INR 1 Crore, the players started off Day 2 last night in order to be crowned the EndBoss champion! 

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The final flight of the EndBoss, Flight 1E (Turbo) received the most entries (1177) as players tried their best to get a good/initial stack into Day 2! 

As the field started to dwindle down, all eyes were set on Mohammad ‘chandlerbing’ Azhar who was set to make history again and continue his outstanding 2021 run so far! But it wasn’t meant to be as he ended up busting out in 7th place for a payout of INR 10,55,000! He even agreed to share his screen cards-up for everyone to see on the PokerBaazi YouTube channel! Kudos to him for that!

Here Is A Quote From The Man Himself

Mohammad Azhar Poker Player“Playing in India’s biggest poker tournament, the EndBoss, was something Iwas looking forward to. I didn’t want to miss the chance like last time. Playing for long hours demands focus and it can be exhausting but the HUD feature in the PokerBaazi app with opponents’ stats helped me to make much better-informed decisions.

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I was planning to take a break for some time and last night turned out good for me, so now I can take a break to recharge, revive and come back for more!” Another superb player and reg, Ujjwal ‘Mr_Robot’’ Narwal, was always under ICM pressure throughout the final table as he was stuck with a short stack but was able to grind it down and earned himself an incredible 4th place payout of INR 21 ,90,000!

ARJUN SINGH BHADAURIYA POKER PLAYERArjun ‘TheMathematician’ Singh Bhadauriya finished in 9th place and earned himself a well deserved payout of INR 6,70,000! We spoke to him about the EndBoss and he went on to say,

“I want to congratulate Pokerbaazi for organizing this huge event. It was an extremely thrilling experience playing against the best. I tried to stay focused and only thought about the best play that I could make and it worked out well. Of course I consider myself to be very lucky.”  

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Praneet ‘coolsam’ Prakash busted the EndBoss in 6th place and earned himself a payout of INR 12,70,000! He also spoke about this EndBoss journey. He said,
Praneet Prakash poker player

“It was fun playing the end boss without a single penny investment. I would like to tell you I was in no mood to play the EndBoss. But around 2 pm I got a message that you have been given a free ticket and the rest is history.” 

At the final table, when we were down to just the final 3 players, they decided to take a look at the numbers and understandably, given the size of the payouts and payjumps, the players decided to not go for glory, the INR 1 Crore uptop prize, but instead ended up making a 3-way deal! 

However, they still had to play down to the last man standing and it was Ishaan ‘Ishaanc90’ Chugh who outlasted Dhiraj ‘supernuts’ Lakhotia and Divanshu ‘1diot’ Khurana to take down the No.1 spot and become the EndBoss! All three players locked up incredible payouts as you can see in the table below.

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Ishaan ‘Ishaanc90’ Chugh is the EndBoss. The 31 year old lives in Portola Valley, California and has completed his education from Massachusetts Institute of Technology! Getting a degree from there is something but shipping the EndBoss will probably be pretty high up there on the list of his achievements! 

Top 10 Payouts from the EndBoss

1 ishaanc90 Ishaan Chugh 71,47,701
2 supernuts Dhiraj Lakhotia 57,29,933
3 1diot Divanshu Khurana 63,37,367
4 Mr_Robot Ujjwal Narwal 21,90,000
5 gettingthere Eka Vedantham 16,05,000
6 coolsam Praneet Prakash 12,70,000
7 chandlerbing Mohammad Azhar 10,55,000
8 mysteryrider ARJUN DHINGRA 8,55,000
9 TheMathematician ARJUN SINGH BHADAURIYA 6,70,000
10 sachin34 Sachin Rai Kinger 5,05,000

Congratulations to all the players who made deep runs in the EndBoss and those who made the final table. It was an incredible event that lived up to its expectations and attracted players from all over the country, low stakes, mid stakes and high stakes players alike! 

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PokerBaazi have continually pushed the boundaries of poker in this country and with another successful event in the bag, we can’t wait to see what all they have to offer in the future! 

We’ll have interesting poker interviews with the winner and players who made the final table of the EndBoss coming out shortly!  So stay tuned and keep reading India Poker News for the latest updates from!