Finishing off The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD Tournament With Huge Prize Money- Ashmeet Kaur


On the subject of online poker in India, the game has been praised as the most entertaining and has pulled a huge audience successfully., a platform where poker lovers put their hands on the table for the exciting tournaments happening every other day with some hefty guarantees and rewards.

One similar opportunity was grabbed by Ashmeet Kaur in Tuesday’s event – The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD tournament. Winning a colossal amount she walked off with 3 LAC GTD prize money. Congratulations Ashmeet!

The team had words with the lady poker-pro and asked her experiences throughout the tournament. So here are the words straight from Ashmeet.

Beginning with her huge win, the team asked, ” How does it feel to win an enormous amount and being titled for The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD tournament? She fondly responded, “It feels satisfying after shipping the Endeavour mainly because I am in the phase of building my bankroll currently. I preferred playing micro or mid-stakes tournaments, so this was my shot towards something I have never achieved. This is simply great.”

Jamshedpur native, Ashmeet loves to sketch and has come up with amazing masterpieces, as she shared some of her sketches with the team. The pretty face has a lot of hidden talents which the team pulled out quite well and listed her cooking skills to it. She loves cooking and does this whenever she gets spare time. She also mentioned her few future plans which stated that she wishes to travel the world, gather fame for her parents and rise bankroll by playing poker.

Coming back to the tournament, the team further continued asking about her experiences and memorable hands in the game, to which she replied, “Truly speaking I went in as an underdog so for me, the field was new and very tough. The tournament experience was thrilling, a structure was so awesome that it involved a lot of poker it wasn’t a shove fest at any point in time. And all I can recall the best hand would be when I thought my KK held up against a three-way all-in with one card flush that changed the course against AAs and some other lower pockets.”

MBA in HR, Ashmeet, stepped into the poker community through her office colleague and since then got hooked. Further, she added,” it’s not been a long time, just a year now playing poker so I prefer playing the smaller tournaments. The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD tournament was my first huge tournament and steadily will get my levels higher in terms of tournaments.”

When asked If she wishes to play the upcoming event, The MoneyMaker with a big guarantee. She excitedly replied, “Yes for sure, now that I have a bankroll to play with. Though before winning this amazing prize money I had no plans but now I am looking forward to playing the tournament.”

Lastly, “I think Baazi as a platform is way better than other platforms currently present for poker in India so I would recommend baazigars to keep using it thoroughly and when it comes it comes, make it your own and inspire” Ashmeet ended the interview by quoting these meaningful lines.

We wish Ashmeet good luck ahead!

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