How To Prepare For The National Poker Series On PokerBaazi

How To Prepare For The National Poker Series on PokerBaazi?

The National Poker Series on PokerBaazi is just 3 days away. It’s time for players to get into their zone and prepare themselves for what’s about to come! 

The NPS boasts a total prize pool of INR 15 Crores GTD and by the end of the series, we’ll have India’s first poker Gold Medalist. One thing you can be sure of is that each and every professional poker player in the country will be looking to get that medal around their necks! 

Today, we’ll be going over some key points that might help you in preparing yourself for the National Poker Series starting from 13th June only on PokerBaazi! 

  • Be Prepared For A Long Grind

The National Poker Series has a lot of events that have low buy-ins and high guarantees. They’re offering great value to the players but these tournaments will have large fields and you’ll have to be prepared for grinding long hours if you want to have any chance of reaching the final table. Get a good night’s rest and get yourself in the zone. 

  • Be Prepared For Crazy Swings

Low buy-ins and high value tournaments mean that there is going to be a huge field that will comprise a lot of recreational and new players. It’s going to be impossible for you to put a lot of players on good hands. 

Also of significance when playing against a large field full of recreational players is the possibility of players calling your raises — even your all-in ones — with some ridiculous holdings, adding further to the unpredictability of outcomes.

While this situation is favourable in the long run, don’t forget to play within your bankroll. If you get tilted because you’re running bad against lesser skilled players, you won’t be playing for too long.

  • Play Simple And Try To Get Max. Value

When you know you’re better than most players on your table, it’s not worth it to run any elaborate bluffs or try to steal too many pots. A lot of your opponents only play with what they have and do not care to think about what you might have. It’s all about getting to showdown and hoping to win.

Keep it simple, let the cards fall and make sure that you’re getting maximum value from your made hands!

  • Prepare Yourself To Make Big Folds

Lesser skilled players will always give you chances to get away from your hand. A lot of players moan about how bad players beat them because they hit the nuts on the riverAll you need to do in order to avoid that situation is to get away from hands where your opponent is most likely going to have the best hand

For example, if a weak player has limp-called preflop, called the flop, called on the turn, and then leads into you on the river when the flush comes in, guess what?

That player almost certainly has the flush

Be prepared to make big laydowns and don’t just pay them off because you cannot put them on the nuts. Hopefully these pointers will help you in your NPS journey and earn you some deep runs in these big high-value tournaments

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