Incessantly Winning- Vaibhav Saighal Recently Crushed BSS 15 LAC GTD


Winning takes talent, to repeat takes the character! Lauding his repeated win just after a week, Vaibhav Saighal this time wins huge- Baazi Super Sunday 15 LAC GTD tournament.

I always had an inclination towards risk-taking and betting my money on any sort of game. My friends and I got introduced to poker right in the first semester of college by our seniors and by the second year we had become so good at it and our stakes had gotten so high by college standards that not many people in college wanted to play with us. It didn’t take us long when we thought of switching to online poker which is when I heard of this new website is very special to me as I’m one of the oldest players there and am so comfortable playing there that I never found the need to play on any other website yet. No doubt, another big reason for the same is the amount of money I’ve made here.” This is how Vaibhav entered the poker world and is now ruling it.

You will see that the team has covered a ton of ground so I thank Vaibhav for being incredibly gracious with his time and answering all questions patiently.

Question – How do you feel after winning Baazi Super Sunday 15 LAC GTD tournament?
Vaibhav Saighal – Well, it’s a great feeling no doubt. It’s one of my favorite tournaments because of its amazing payouts and structure.
I made my biggest cash just one week before in the PPL Special Edition for 4.5 LAC and I thought that would remain my biggest cash for a very long time, but it took me just one week to surpass that and that really makes this one even more special.
With the Moneymaker around the corner, I hope I can surpass the high-value!

Q– How tough was the field?
VS– The field at Pokerbaazi is always on the tougher side, the players are more experienced and the quality of the game is always on the high side.
I was running some 25th off 40 and bubble was soon about to burst, and my friends were like “This is yours and you have to take it down” haha.
I guess that morale boost and the experience from PPL helped me well.

Q– How was your experience in the tournament?
VS– With the latest software update, playing any tournament on is a bliss! The final table was the most exciting part of the tournament as the pay jumps were huge and I could see myself inching towards taking it down and also getting richer with every bust out!

Q– Any special moment/hand in the tourney?
VS– Yes, there were many. The one at the top of my mind that I can remember right now is right on the last hand of the tournament and the look on my friends’ faces that said it all. Shipping my first big tournament, 5L up top, no less than winning WSOP for me, at least till the time I don’t win WSOP.

Q– What are your hobbies?
VS – There’s not much time for pursuing any hobbies for someone like me who’s working his job on his weekdays and then utilizing all the other time on poker, but I like to spend my free time connecting with or meeting up my friends.

Q– What’s your background- education, profession, passion? What are your future plans?
VS – I was born and brought up in Delhi, I was in Ahlcon International School after which I did my engineering from BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus.
I graduated only last year with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and am currently pursuing a Finance role in Bangalore at a leading investment bank.

Q– PokerBaazi has “The MoneyMaker” event coming soon, what are your thoughts on it? Will you be playing that?
VS– Of course I’ll be playing! I’m so looking forward to it, and I’m sure it’s not just me but the whole poker community in India that’s eagerly waiting for it. In fact, all my friends and family know that I’m not to be disturbed on 1st Oct and the following day that I’ll mostly spend sleeping.

Q- Do you plan to play any more tournaments?
VS- I play almost all the high-value tournaments on, so next on my list other than the Moneymaker would be weekly BSS ME to see if I can take it down again and some of the Tuesday Endeavours and Thursday Summits.

Q– What will you do with the money?
VS – I haven’t really thought about it. Besides partying and reinvesting it in poker, I’ll try and save some, if at all I’m able to.

Q– PokerBaazi had organized a tournament in your college days. Can you further elaborate on your experiences and the tournament?
VS – Besides the fact that I bubbled that tourney and there was no consolation for me haha, that was actually a very fun experience.
The turn around was better than expected and for the first time, I was playing live under official banners of Pokerbaazi and there was a 10K bounty on me. I’ll probably rate it as one of the special live tournaments I got the chance to play.

Q– How did you get the chance to invest your time on playing poker?
VS– In my college, there was no attendance and we always had the freedom of pursuing whatever we wanted. Although that’s not something my parents supported me with, I utilized most of my time in college playing poker.
Finding the time was never an issue back then, however it’s become quite difficult managing both my job and poker. I’m mostly active on weekends which is why you see me winning big only in tournaments held on weekends.

Q– Any tips or suggestions for fellow Baazigars that would help them interact and engage in the game successfully?
VS– Honestly, I’m no professional to be able to give any tips or suggestions to anyone else. From experience, all I can say is to not be result oriented while playing poker. It’ll probably get you success for a while but never in the long run. If you wish to pursue poker for good, you always have to be willing to learn to improve and make the right decisions all the time.

The count down for the MoneyMaker has already started, we will be back with more interesting stories of our poker players, stay tuned!

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