Akshay Kumar – The real life KHILADI who swept the felts this April!

Akshay Kumar – The real life KHILADI who swept the felts on PokerBaazi

India’s most trusted online poker site, PokerBaazi.com has never failed its clientele with its tournament offers. The month of April deemed ‘Redeemable April’ featured Free Entry Tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool that was increased to Rs.40 lakh a month! Here’s a look at what the illustrious tournament brought to the felts and the action that went down!

It’s never easy when you are starting off your poker career, buy-ins are on the rise, mistakes mean money and the playing field is not-so-kind. Revolutionizing that and making poker a more accessible game is PokerBaazi.com’s Free Entry Tournaments.

Most free entry tournaments occur occasionally or as one-offs in the poker circuit, but PokerBaazi.com had tournaments running every ten minutes! A frequency unheard of for the felts! The idea is to provide Indian poker players with a platform to improve and sharpen their game and welcome new players aboard the Baazigar Team! Being a new player and playing a new sport can be daunting but the Free Entry Tournaments welcomed them with open arms, giving them multiple chances to experience the game and to learn form their mistakes.

Another feature of the Free Entry Tournaments and doing the unthinkable was allowing players to withdraw their entire earnings! The trick used by most online poker sites when it comes to Free Entry Games is to limit the withdrawal and encourage them to play more on the site. PokerBaazi.com centered the tournament on user satisfaction and what’s more satisfying than being able to convert a Free Entry Tournament to bills in the bank! It was plain and simple, register for a free, play, win and transfer the winnings directly to your bank account. No Hidden Agenda.

PokerBaazi.com did not stop at just that, they treated it on par with any of their regular tournaments. The players need to also experience the competition the way it is as they move up in stakes. Therefore they introduced Two Free Entry Tournament Leaderboards! In addition, the top three players who withdrew the maximum amount from the Free Entry Tournaments in a month were guaranteed to win a OnePlus 6T, Amazon Echo and JBL headphones respectively.

The proof is in the pudding and it was Akshay Kumar with his ‘KHILDAI’ attitude that topped the leader board and took home the OnePlus 6T and withdrew Rs.12,710/- by playing only the Free Entry Tournaments! The daredevil took on the opportunity and made the most of it, all for free! Now that’s the trait of a Baazigar Khiladi we are talking about! Bhup666 and Cow123 claimed their Amazon Echo and JBL headphones and withdrew Rs.10,510/- and Rs.10,460/- respectively.

With the Free Entry Tournaments garnering these eyeballs and its success rate, it’s here to stay on PokerBaazi.com! The tournament will be an ongoing monthly series and the complete schedule is available on a separate tab called Redeemable Free Entry tournaments on the PokerBaazi client and mobile app. One may also navigate their way to the tournaments sections under Free Entry Tournaments for the schedule.

Pokerbaazi has always been synonymous with creating tournament properties that last in the minds of many! From the MoneyMaker to the GameChanger, they’ve definitely found a place in the heart of the poker community. The Free Entry Tournaments is yet another example that will help bring out the talent of players like Akshay Kumar at a grass root level.

Being the first movers and bringing a new experience to players always requires a daring spirit. The success of it entirely depends on its response from the players. Based on the success story aaj PokerBaazi.com ne toophaan khada kar diya hai!

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