Dhaval Mudgal Puts India On The World Poker Map!

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Dhaval Mudgal has always been Team India’s propitious player. Ever since the Delhi based musician turned poker pro has hit the circuit, he’s been firing.


He has been touring the international circuit for more than a decade, a clincher of a finish is all he was looking for in the 2018  World Poker Tour (WPT) Vietnam Main Event and man, he did just that. He proudly walked away with his career-best VND 2,427,580,000 ($104,000 | 76.02 Lakhs)!


The 2018 World Poker Tour (WPT) Vietnam Main Event was no piece of cake. He worked through a record-breaking field of 679 entries. But it was Dawal’s day, he was doing just the right things and had his A game on.

The final day resumed with 15 players and leading the pack was Yik Yin Ray Chiu and India`s Dhaval Mudgal followed suit not too far behind with the second largest chip stack. Mudgal was clear on his strategy of chipping up early and wasted no time doing that and soon he was sitting across the 5 million-chip mark.

He managed to run that upto to 5.9 million, but ended up losing a huge pot to Hai Chuot and that hand brought him down to 3,500,000. Mudgal then changed gears and managed to double up through Tai Hsing when his Ks Jc hit a king on the river and Tai’s 8h 6d didn’t stand good.

Another double up came through swiftly as Tai Hsing shoved with Ah9s and Mudgal had a powerful arsenal of pocket aces. The pot was Mudgal’s for the taking.

The battle went on between Hsiung and Mudgal and Hsiung’s Qs 8c was no match for Daval’s Kd 9d when the board played out 3c Kh 5s Ah 3h. Hsiung hit the rail with a third place finish and VND 1,097,540,000 to his name.

The heads up battle was between Shimizu (12,425,000) and Mudgal (7,950,000). It was quite the battle as Mudgal tried to even his stack. Chips exchanged hands, but soon Mudgal managed to gain the chip lead and there was nothing stopping him.

He clearly dominated the heads action and wasn’t going to let this one slip away. Mudgal shoved 9c 8d and Shimizu called with Qc 4c. The board that played out Mudgal’s fate read 5h 4s 10c 9h 5c, pairing his nine on the turn it all just flashed by, all the hours of dedication, this is what it came down to! A deal that sealed him the title, a whopping VND 2,4287,580,000 and of course the coveted WPT trophy.

Final Table Results

  1. Dhaval Mudgal – VND 2,4287,580,000
  2. Takao Shimizu – VND 1,702,030,000
  3. Tai Hsing Hsiung – VND 1,097,540,000
  4. Tran Cao Tam – VND 802,340,000
  5. Nguyen Duc Hai (Hai Chuot) – VND 613,840,000
  6. Hanh Phong – VND 490,420,000
  7. Nguyen Hoang Nam (Apuweo) – VND 406,240,000
  8. Norbert Koh – VND 323,390,000
  9. Dao Duc Phong – VND 242,770,000

Way to go Team India, to more such laurels!


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