Dominik Nitsche launches DTO Poker App


Poker apps aren’t unheard of and launching a new one isn’t really going to grab eyeballs considering the number of apps available across platforms. So what’s making people talk about Dominik Nitsche’s recently launched DTO poker app? The German super high roller decided to launch what’s conceptualized as an intuitive GTO (Game Theory Optimal) poker app and is said to help the player in tournaments. Let’s take a look at why the four-time WSOP winner decided to join the sector of professional poker players who’ve turned their hand to an entrepreneurial business idea.

With the field of poker players multiplying day-by-day, poker-training programs have always been the need of the hour. From YouTube videos to exclusive training sites there has been a plethora of options to help a player gain that desired edge.

The concept took form when Nitsche was mentoring Markus Prinz. While they were exploring GTO solutions, Markus thought it would be a great app idea and exactly the kind of coaching poker players were looking for! The idea was initially laughed off by Nitsche but three days, a set of developers and some intensive research later, they emerged with a product that the market definitely was missing – GTO coaching at a price everyone in poker can afford!

Nitsche and Prinz wanted to make sure, they made their offering unique and exciting and not just another run of the mill app. Their interactive learning experience is so unique that whether one plays a $5 tournament or some global high stakes games, there’s a learning and benefit for everyone!

The product is priced at $10/month at introductory tier, making the poker app more appealing to recreational players who don’t have the time and money to dedicate to buying the latest poker training programs.

The beauty of GTO poker is that it works towards building a community of great poker players and has something for every player type to improve!

Get ready to train like the best!