Poker Triumphs Over Teen Patti This Diwali


Diwali has always been a festival synonymous with cards and the tables are always set for various card games. The festivities are no fun without a game of teen patti. Interestingly the Netizen (citizen’s of the net), particularly the millennial are slowly shifting to poker being the go to family/friends activity for a Diwali evening.

With teen patti making its way out gradually, online poker seems to have caught the eye of the millennial. Online poker has multiple benefits that are luring this crowd with plenty of money up for grabs, reward systems and a chance to go international.  Poker card games at home have become popular thanks to Bollywood celebrities like Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Jeetendra, Aamir Khan and others who take active interest in it.

As tradition explains Parvati is engaged in an eternal game of winning and losing with Lord Shiva and it’s all about one-manship and how well the game is played to taste victory. A look into the tradition also helps eliminate the gambling angle of poker and its move towards a game of skill.

Hope your tables and cards are set this Diwali! Wishing you a safe and prosperous one!


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