’s “Baazi Rewards Program”- A Class Apart


“Baazi Rewards Program”- A Class Apart’s newly launched Baazi Rewards Program is based not only on giving back to a player, but doing so in a way that would most benefit that player. Structured carefully to cater to the preferences of each and every type of player, the Baazi Rewards Program is split into two categories. These are based on the volume, games and stakes that a player opts to play.

Let’s take a look at what each category has to offer:

  • Loyalty Rewards Program

This category caters to ALL players- cash or MTTs. Players can accumulate Reward Points and exchange them for prizes, gadgets, packages and more. A unique feature of this category is that there is NO EXPIRY DATE on Reward Points collected, therefore players can play and generate points at their own pace and exchange these for rewards of their choice. This means that even a player playing smaller stakes/less volume can aim for rewards that are higher up the ladder. It offers an effective rake-back of up to 50%.

  • Players are rewarded with “Prizes”, which are offered in the form of Real Cash Chips (redeemable), Real Cash Bonus, Tournament tickets, Gadgets, Holiday packages, Poker packages and Luxury Cars There’s a Jaguar XF 2.0 up for grabs!!!
  • It comprises of 33 Levels which can be unlocked by generating Reward Points. Find out how Reward Points are calculated here.
  • A player can target any Level, regardless of whether he/she has unlocked previous levels.
  • There is NO EXPIRY DATE on generating points and achieving a set-out target. This simply means that ANY level/prize is achievable since you don’t have a deadline to meet!
  • These prizes are worth up to 50% in rake back effectively, with 20% being the minimum. This number depends on the levels unlocked. Premium levels will reward you with up to 50%.
  • Taxes attracted by these prizes will be borne entire by
  • Once a player achieves enough points to unlock a particular level, they will receive an option to “Claim” their prize. Upon claiming a prize, the player will either receive it immediately (in the case of Real Cash prizes and Tournament Tickets) or receive an email from the team (for all other prizes). Alternatively, players can choose NOT to claim that prize and continue generating points if they so wish.

Here’s some perspective:

Choose from tons of prizes, packages and goodies just by putting in hours on the felts, doing what you love! Aiming towards a goal has never been easier!

A OnePlus 6 can be won by playing 10/20, 3 tabling 3 hours a day for 5 weeks.

An iPhone X can be won by playing 25/50, 3 tabling 3 hours a day for 5 weeks.

A package worth INR 2L for the Aussie Millions in Australia can be won by playing 100/200, 2 tabling 3 hours a day for 10 weeks.

A package worth INR 9L for the WSOP in Las Vegas can be won by playing 100/200, 4 tabling 3 hours a day for 20 weeks.

A Jaguar XF 2.0 can be won by playing 100/200, 4 tabling 6 hours a day for 60 weeks.

Of course, owing to the fact that there is NO EXPIRY DATE, players can take as long as they wish to achieve these target. The above numbers are just examples.

  • Cash Back Program

This category provides a Cash Back to the player, and is most suited for regular cash game players who prefer monetary rewards. It is a weekly program which makes volume on the felts an essential factor.

  • A weekly Cash Back is automatically credit to the player based on the number of Reward Points earned in that week (Mon 12:00am-Sun 11:59pm)
  • Players can earn up to 40% in Cash Back, depending on Points collected.
  • Cash Back is credited at 10:00 am every Monday, along with email confirmation.
  • This Cash Back is rewarded in the form of Real Cash Chips and is
  • Reward Points are reset to zero every Monday at 12:00am.

Here’s some perspective:

Choose this option to receive up to 40% in rake-back every week, which amounts to a massive INR 1.2L per month!

Players can receive a 40% Cash Back by playing:

50/100, 4 tabling 3 hours a day OR 100/200, 2 tabling 3 hours a day.

Players can receive a 30% Cash Back by playing:

10/20, 4 tabling 3 hours a day OR 25/50, 2 tabling 3 hours a day.

Points to note:

  • Each player’s Reward System is set to Loyalty Rewards by default. This can be changed here.
  • Switching between the two programs is allowed only once in a calendar month and will reset any generated Reward Points.
  • A particular level/prize can be claimed only once in a month.
  • While there is no expiry on the points, staying away from the felts for over 30 days results in deduction of existing points. Complete break ups for the same can be found under the TnC section.
  • Complete details on the packages and other TnC of the program can be found here.
  • com provides a 50% TDS refund on all withdrawals made above INR 9,999.

The Baazi Rewards Program is possibly the best in the country, maybe even the world. Being able to receive a hefty rake back every week definitely sets off a large portion of your losses, or if you’ve had a good week – adds a little bonus to your wins!

Alternatively, tournament regulars who like to travel the International poker circuit can work towards winning a package through the Loyalty program, saving tons in overhead expenses. These packages include flights/stay + event buy-ins to tournaments in destinations such as Manila, Vegas, Australia and Barcelona. MTT and cash game regular Pulkit “Ifoldfullhouses” Goyal has already claimed a Vegas Package!

Recreational players can opt for Tournament tickets or gadgets like an iPhoneX, OnePlus6, GalaxyS9, or a MacBook Pro – all of which are relatively easier to achieve. This serves as a better option than putting aside 10k a month for 6 months in order to buy a cool new gadget. 3 players – “Oswald99”, “hoodlincs” and “Blockers” have already claimed a OnePlus6 each, while “Ad5201” has claimed a ticket to The MoneyMaker!

Still not satisfied? Choose from holiday packages like a Grand Bahama Island Cruise for two and the ICC 2019 Cricket World cup, or luxury cars like a Honda City, Toyota Fortuner, and the ultimate- a Jaguar XF 2.0!

The best thing about all of this is that since there is NO EXPIRY DATE on the Points, a player can take his/her time to reach a set target, making it a lot less stressful and a lot more achievable! Plus, with plenty of traffic, tables and stakes to choose from, players are presented with a lot of flexibility in terms of the time frame and games they wish you choose from in order to achieve these targets.’s Baazi Rewards Program is truly one of a kind, and coupled with the all-new UI, is sure to provide its users with the best gaming experience both in terms of value and comfort!