Siddharth Karia Slays The Baazi Super Sundays

Siddharth Karia

Not leaving the weekends out and to spice things up, has lined up fun tournaments on Sundays as well. To give some thrilling experiences – Baazi Super Sundays tournament is here!

Baazi Super Sundays have captured multiple fortuitous poker players who have won hefty amounts. This time the coin flipped to Siddharth Karia. Siddharth, who played under the online name ‘Schemer’ on is one of the most talented poker players on India’s poker circuit.  In his journey to win this accolade, Siddharth won a whopping sum of Rs. 5,00,000. Slaying his Sunday, he got into a huge deal and made the weekend more thrilling.

The team had the chance to share words with him in which they posed few questions. He shared his final table journey, future plans, and a lot more with us. Here are a few excerpts from his interview:

Question– How do you feel after winning Bazzi Super Sunday 15 LAC GTD tournament?
Siddharth Karia– Very happy. This was one of the biggest tournaments that I have shipped and it’s amazing to hold such a fine tag.

Question– How was your experience in the tournament? How tough was the field?
SK- I felt it was a relatively softer field. Maybe because of many pros playing the DPT. I am not taking anything away from myself though. I know it has been said a hundred times before but has one of the BEST structures. I had a great time playing in it.

Question– Can you recall any special moment/hand in the tournament?
SK- The only hand that comes to my mind right away is, ” Where I had a single carder straight and Villian had a higher straight. However, we got up and fired another bullet” though it is not a special hand.

Question– Can you tell us something about your background?
SK- I recently finished my MBA from Babson College, Boston. I have founded Sporru, which is a Sports Consulting company. I also work in my family Business in textiles.

Question– What are your hobbies?
SK- I love spending my free time with toddlers. Also, I enjoy playing Cricket.

Question– What’s your poker story, how did you start playing poker? What will you do with the money?

SK- I started playing Poker during my college days in 2010. It was mostly house games and then in Goa once a month. The juicy house games made sure that our undergrad was a luxurious one. At the end of my undergrad, I had lost interest in playing poker and didn’t play much for some time. While traveling, I happened to play some tournaments and running deep there and going through all the swings reignited the love, this time ONLY for Multi-table Tournaments. I love the challenge and feeling of being the last man standing. Hope that keeps happening often.

Question– Do you plan to play any more tournaments?

SK- I would prefer only playing MTT’s. So yes, I plan to play much more.

Question– PokerBaazi has The MoneyMaker event coming soon, what are your thoughts for that? Will you be playing that?

SK- I will be playing the Moneymaker for sure. I can’t miss such a value tournament. It’s the biggest of them after all. Really excited for that one. Let’s see what happens.

Question– How did you get the chance to invest your time on playing poker?

SK- I would say that online Poker has played a huge role in involving me to the poker community. Sites like make sure that there are high-value tournaments whenever I play.

Question– Any tips or suggestions for fellow Baazigars that would help them interact and engage in the game successfully?

SK- I am sure there is much better advice out there. The only thing I would want to mention is to focus more on Quality than Quantity. One session, in which we analyzed most of our tough spots and really found out a better way to think about it is more effective than four sessions which we never looked back towards. Although I am guilty of sometimes doing the same.

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Stay tuned, many such interesting stories of poker players will be lined up and maybe the next one is of yours!