A look at the much-debated hand that went down at the EPT Barcelona Main Event


The EPT Barcelona Main Event recently concluded, but the hype was not just around the tournament winner! A controversial hand that went down had the poker community debating whether it was a case of what’s known as “angle-shooting.” The term in poker basically means faking an action at the table like betting or moving like you’re about to fold with the hope of irking a reaction from the opponent.

It was poker player Quan Zhou who committed the cardinal sin during the EPT Barcelona Main Event against Nikolay Ponomarev. According to poker pros on social media (although a video evidence isn’t conclusive), Zhou’s evident bluff-fold in the hand was certainly questionable.

Day 3 of the EPT Barcelona Main event and Zhou opens 6000 with pocket sixes. Ponomarev three-bet with A-K. With the action back on the original raiser, Zhou takes a moment to ponder over his decision. Zhou then appears to fold his cards and with two fingers attempts to gradually move the cards a few inches towards the dealer, leaning towards a fold. However, he then takes his cards back to indicate he isn’t yet ready to give up on the hand.

While Zhou was in the process of unintentionally folding or fake folding his hand, Ponomarev slightly lifts his cards, partially exposing them to other players. Zhou appears to take a glance at his opponent’s cards before putting in a call.

The flop came ran A-K-4, giving Ponomarev top-two-pair. He bet out and it was no surprise that Zhou folded with the least hesitation. Zhou has received enough flak for it on social media for most of the poker community believed that it was clear case angle shooting. While some pros took politically correct views and gave Zhou the benefit of the doubt, most others didn’t cut him any slack.

The hand that played out didn’t have any repercussions on the tournament result, however, fans suggest that Zhou deserved a penalty for it. What’s more interesting is witnessing the unison of the poker community when it comes to fair play and protecting player interest!