7 Days to Vegas


The story of a crazy prop bet captured by actor and card player Vincent

The prop bet aka ‘proposition bet’ is no new bee in the poker circuits.  Crazy, bizarre wagers like whether the next over in a game of cricket will witness a wicket or a six or whether a vegan will eat and keep down an entire cheeseburger or if a man could live in isolation in a dark unlit bathroom for 30 days or if a man would agree to get breast implants are the name of the game and only your imagination is the limit!

The world outside might think these are hypotheticals, but props bets are for real and a word is a word! ‘7 Days to Vegas’ captures just that in a breezy and authentically absurd comedy film!  An ill-fated actor-turned-poker player named Duke (played by the poker player and TV poker commentator Vincent Van Patten) makes a seven-figure prop bet that he can walk the 280 miles from the San Fernando Valley to Las Vegas in just seven days!

What’s worse, he takes on the wager in a suit in the scorching heat of the Nevada desserts! His only saving grace is the occasional short break in the air-conditioned RV filled by a wacky cast of characters!  The film takes us on a brief tour of Duke’s career dive from movies to infomercials to a career change as the host of high-stakes poker games.

The games brought the green pouring in and life was good for Duke. But when he decides to invest it all with a billionaire investor who turns out to be a Ponzi scheme con artist, he finds himself broke and desperate to make a big score. Then enters the successful and egotistical British director Sebastian who sees the rapture in humiliating opponents at the poker table and is all about engaging in devious antics in order to gain an edge in any kind of wager.

Knowing it’s impossible for one to cover 40 miles a day for one week straight in the blazing sun, Sebastian puts up $5 million to Duke’s $1 million and challenges him to make the walk to Vegas!

The authentic representation of the prop bet world in the film needs a special mention. Even if the term busted straight from a royal flush is new and so is the term prop bet, ‘7 Days to Vegas’ works as a broad and funny comedy featuring wacky but hilarious characters that appeal to a wider audience.


Catch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/QSn9xxShL8U


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