Antonio Esfandiari and Kevin Hart’s interesting prop bet


Former WSOP Big One for One Drop winner Antonio Esfandiari will be taking on comedian and actor Kevin Hart in a boxing match in March 2019. With Hart being a clear favourite, he has agreed to give Esfandiari 35 to 1 odds on the match.

The two have played plenty of poker together and have grown to become good friends over the years. The bet was made while they were playing poker and just chatting, with the topic of boxing somehow coming up and turning into quite the interesting prop bet!

Antonio agrees that Kevin is in much better shape, and is an athlete who is much quicker than he is. He also states that Kevin has much better endurance than he does, while the fact that Kevin has been boxing for a long time doesn’t help his cause! That being said, Antonio is a lot taller than Kevin and has a good 35-40 pounds on him.

According to Antonino, the only way he can win this match is by landing a lucky punch, as he doesn’t believe he stands a chance if it comes down to a pure decision. On the bright side though, each round will be only 3 minutes long. The poker pro will be hiring a trainer to help him prepare for the match which is about 8 months away.

There is no word yet about the stakes involved, but considering the intensity of the bet and these two individuals, you can bet that it’ll be quite the number. Antonio admits that no matter how much he trains, Kevin will still be the stronger and quicker fighter. In addition, he says that since tons of people will be watching the match, he really doesn’t want to get “his ass handed to him and get knocked-out in 5 seconds”.

The two don’t care too much about the money involved, but Antonio admits that the motivating factor for him is to beat Kevin in a forum where a lot of people are going to see it. He feels that he doesn’t have much to lose, as he is expected to come up short. But if he were to win – he’ll be the guy who knocked Kevin Hart out!


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