Back to Back Final Tables and a High Roller Victory for Joseph Cheong


Joseph Cheong has earned over $6 Million in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) which includes a 3rd place finish in the 2010 WSOP Main Event. Earlier this month, Cheong entered the $1,675 Main Event and finished in 8th place after making the final table.

He immediately jumped into the $2,200 high roller soon after and proceeded to take down the event for a sweet $65,399 payout. Cheong had nearly four times the starting stack (25,000) by the end of the first level of Day 2 play, according to the live updates. He ran the stack up to around 400,000 and was in the middle of the pack at the beginning of the high roller final table.

“I had a decent stack at the beginning of the final table. Enough that I just sat there and played patiently,” Cheong told tournament reporters. “And I just got a little heater started. And when I got chips, I just started pushing the action,” he added.

A look at the final table payouts:

1. Joseph Cheong – $65,399

2. Hyon Kim  –  $40,422

3. Hassan Tahsildar  –  $28,780

4. Eric Baldwin  –  $20,906

5. Steve Foutty  –  $15,487

6. Michael Benko  –  $11,691

7. Patrick Colceri  –  $8,933

8. Dylan Wilkerson  –  $7,044

9. Ankush Mandavia  –  $5,614

Cheong won his first gold ring in 2010 when he beat 236 entrants to win a $340 buy-in event in San Diego for $17,541.  However, he recently lost the ring and seemed quite happy to have replaced it so quickly.