DAY 21 WSOP UPDATE: It’s Hard To Ignore The Math!



Seniors enjoy poker and they love playing against their silent younger nemesis in hoodies and blaringly colorful sunglasses. But give them a platform and they’ll show you the generation is second to none.

This unique platform was served on a platter at the 2018 WSOP; one that is dedicated only to senior poker players. Last year, the minimum age restriction to be able to participate in this event was 65 years. This year, the minimum age was dropped from 60 and behold! A record-breaking field of 5,919 entries, creating a staggering prize pool of $5,327,100 according to WSOP.

Day 21 saw WSOP crown their seniors champion. Matthew Davis, a math/statistics professor from California, called in sick to work so he could chase the bracelet. The math geek had one heck of a weekend. He faded a field of fellow comrades to win nearly $663K.

Davis first played a live poker tournament over a decade back, but it all changed at the WSOP this year. His two previous WSOP cashes came in 2007 and 2009, with a combined value of less than $8,000.

Meanwhile, over in the $50,000 Pokers Players Championship, its crunch time with the final table of six. This six pack chasing the trophy and coveted bracelet includes the crème of poker players from across the globe. Two-time $50K Champ, The Grinder, bagged a big stack and he’s got nearly double as much as his closest competitor. Can Dan Smith, Benny Glasser, Aaron Katz, Mike Leah or Johnny World Hennigan stop The Grinder?

Stay tuned for updates on The Grinder and don’t bother with the retirement plan, poker has got you covered with that news coming in!


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